How We Do It


Collaborate - Brainstorm - Standardize

Core strategy collaboration, developed with inbound sales and marketing best practices--married with what makes you you

  • Inbound sales philosophy & architecture
  • Persona development
  • CRM engineering
  • Accountability standards
  • ... more

Lead Generation

Pipeline Predictability

Data-driven growth marketing execution that generates qualified, contextual leads--nurtured and teed up for a  consultative sale

  • Big picture strategy
  • Lead generation (inbound)
  • Website development
  • Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • ... more

Sales Enablement

Sales Accelerant

Sales acceleration with a growth marketing mindset--equipping sales for success with best practices, culture, leadership, and tech

  • Philosophy, process, and accountability
  • CRM & tech implementation
  • Templates & scripts
  • Culture & coaching
  • ... more

Growth Marketing

Ideate - Experiment - Iterate - Scale

Achievement of big picture goals through full-funnel ideation and experimentation--improve the performance of your investments across the board

  • Strategic collaboration
  • Infrastructure
  • Content
  • 2-week sprint model
  • ... more

Who We Do It For

Performance-Focused Businesses with an Appetite for Growth Culture


For: Startups, Staffing Agencies, Accounting Firms, Software & Tech, B2B, B2C, & E-Commerce

Growth is a way of life... If you're 100% committed, Orange Pegs can help you get there!

Explore new markets, test new products, develop your brand, make critical business decisions, and scale.

  Grow My Business  

Interactive Growth Tool

Not sure where to start?

Growing a business today requires more than the traditional tactical investments you've grown accustomed to.

To help you get your arms around what it means to make strategic growth investments, we created this Growth Plan Builder, a DIY custom solution generator based on contextual goals and the hurdles that stand in your way.

Fill out the form to get started. You'll be taken through a series of questions, and in the end you'll get a custom report analyzing your strengths and weaknesses along with steps you can take today.

  • Analyze your existing investments
  • Find weak spots in sales & marketing
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Implement a strategic growth plan

Start Planning Here (Step 1 of 5)

About Us

Born out of a Love for Sales, Artistry, and Data Science

Built for Growth Outcomes; Driven by Agility

Founded by the premise that growth comes from a marriage of sales and marketing, rooted in both science and art, Orange Pegs delivers programs that are both provacative and outcome-oriented. We dream in pictures and speak in numbers, live and breathe in 2-week increments, and marry our proven methodologies with a collaborative environment that brings your vision to life. (Meet the Team)

Clients love us & competitors want to be us

Imagine how much differently 2020 would have turned out had your growth investments been agile ...

... had they focused on outcomes in real-time
... had they utilized a philosophy that fails forward
... had they enabled you to make objective business decisions
... had they been able to change direction every 2 weeks

Our clients didn't have to imagine any of it... this is our way of life (read why Growth Mentor would trust their lives with us... or at least their business)

Experienced & Certified in the following:
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Hubspot Platinum Solutions Partners - Growth Agency


What Clients Say About Us

Headcount Management

"Through their guidance and collaboration, we implemented a sales and marketing engine that generates our best opportunities, and continues to perform beyond expectations even into the depths of the Covid-19 Pandemic"

(click HERE to read the full review)

Mark Arrow

Mark Arrow CEO @ Headcount Management

Cognivue logo

"Through the fundamentals and also a data-driven, experimental approach we are always learning and pivoting, and it has led to tremendous gains ..."

(click HERE to read the full review)

Kristin DiProsa

Kristin Diprosa VP of Marketing @ Cognivue

Acena consulting square with text

"Orange Pegs has solidified our online presence. It makes it easy for us to focus on the sales process and client experience and we're seeing quality leads come in. They keep it fresh by running tests and always have the data/reporting we need. Great strategic partner!"

(click HERE to read the full review)

Brad Mols, Partner at Acena Consulting

Brad Mols Partner @ Acena Consulting

The Mighty Logo

"More than just getting results, Orange Pegs helped us build a growth culture that put us on a new trajectory."

(visit the website to learn about The Mighty)

Mike Porath

Mike Porath CEO @ The Mighty


"They make solving complex business challenges a fun exploration. I would highly recommend Orange Pegs to any organization that is looking to strategically grow their business"

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Robin Clokey

Robin Clokey Marketing Director & ARM Staffing

Speak to a Growth Specialist

How can we help your business grow?

Generate inbound leads, revamp your sales process, optimize sales and marketing output, or implement a growth culture that is both agile and outcome-oriented

Fill out the form to schedule a time to speak with a growth consultant, and we'll walk through your goals and hurdles, and see if Orange Pegs' growth program is right for you.

On the call, we will put our heads together and explore:

There's no obligation to move forward, and all growth consultations are free. We're not right for everybody, but even those who aren't a match walk away with a sense of direction and clarity :)