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"Orange Pegs has solidified our online presence. It makes it easy for us to focus on the sales process and client experience and we're seeing quality leads come in. They keep it fresh by running tests and always have the data/reporting we need. Great strategic partner!"

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Brad Mols from Acena Consulting

Brad Mols Acena Consulting


B2B growth services

We help B2Bs Launch, Pivot, Scale, & THRIVE

You bring the business; we'll help you discover, implement, and repeat your best ideas for growth





  • Design & launch sales protocol
  • Implement and integrate tech
  • Develop a brand, voice, or niche
  • Online presence development
  • Inbound lead generation
  • Mentoring & Inbound sales coaching
  • Collaborate & ideate
  • Hypothesize & experiment
  • Test, analyze, learn, & repeat


3 Methodology Variants based on context

Since no two B2Bs are exactly alike, our templatized growth program provides 3 variations based on your over-arching goals, and where you're currently positioned.
  1. Early-stage startups and sole-practitioners looking for agile, explosive investments that are explorative and cash-stingy
  2. Late-stage startups building succession plans while looking to scale and expand
  3. Established businesses looking to expand, reverse declining sales trends, pivot, or prepare for an exit


  • Alignment - Get sales, marketing, and production on the same page
  • Website - Transform your website into a functional sales tool
  • Enablement - Optimize sales outcomes with technology, data, marketing, and coaching
  • Lead Generation - Generate qualified, engaged leads through your website
  • Growth Hacking - Experiment, test, learn, and iterate

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Build My Plan

This tool makes growth planning easier to conceptualize and execute

It's contextual, and leverages our industry-leading methodology ...

and it's actually very simple. 

Fill out a handful of forms, and when you get to the end, we'll display our analysis' along with steps you can take today based on your answers. We used Hubspot's "Smart" modules feature, which displays different information based on a variety of parameters we assign.

the building blocks of growth


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Contextualize & qualify the end-to-end journey of a new customer

Re-imagine and realign your resources for a modern, calculated approach to growth

We start by aligning core knowledge, values, and processes across your sales, marketing, and recruiting channels. We qualify what we know, and drive discovery through a methodical sequence of collaboration and customer contact. Our alignment program provides the framework and plan of action for growing, and opens the doors to ideate across your entire B2B.

The Program

  • Develop informative, qualified personas
  • Architect a CRM-embeddable lead management plan
  • Formulate a technology-driven optimization strategy
  • Define success (MQLs, SQLs, etc) and measurable accountability standards
  • Centralize everything 

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Transform your website into a functional sales tool

... while creating the perfect sandbox for lead generation and experimentation

With our strategy-first approach to development, you get a website that looks and performs better than your existing one ... and not just in your Google Analytics reporting--it'll perform in ways that directly impact the growth of your business. Every page, module, and call-to-action is intentional, actionable, and designed to improve through experimentation and iteration

  • Thorough diagnostic
  • Fundamental Assumptions (UX mapping)
  • Collaborative brainstorming
  • Page & resource prioritization
  • Platform & template selection
  • Finalize and secure commitments for a 1-month or less development

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Optimize your client's journey with templates, tech, and coaching

We'll give your sales team a true competitive advantage

We help B2Bs assess their sales strengths and opportunities, and implement tech, processes, and templates--all geared toward transparent,  scalable growth. We'll also coach you through implementation & adoption, and ensure your mission-critical transition to inbound is successful.

Big picture - Create and drive accountable inbound sales culture:

  • Remove manual bottlenecking through automation
  • Improve and clarify your value proposition variants based on target audience
  • Embed inbound culture into your sales processes, tools, scripts, and templates
  • Optimize outcomes through experimentation and data-driven discovery

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Lead Gen

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Generate an endless supply of engagements through your website

Drive action through content, and enable sales predictability

We help businesses transform their online presence into a never-ending stream of engaged leads. Generate opportunities that provide context to the pain they feel and the solutions they seek. 

  • Attract visitors: Blogging, SEO (pillar methodology), Social Media Marketing, PPC ads management 
  • Convert visitors into leads: Calls to Action (CTAs), Landing Pages, Forms, Content Offers
  • Nurture leads, and automate hand-off: Email Marketing, Sales Alerts

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Make agile business decisions that yield scalable growth

Big picture ideas can and should be engineered  through ideation and experimentation

We help innovative companies grow through iterative & experimental marketing, product improvements & adoption,  and sales automation. Growth Hacking used to only apply to tech startups--to determine product market fit (PMF).  Now, businesses of all sizes are making Growth Hacking a core business practice, and our proprietary model is paving the way for Startups and established B2Bs all over the US.

  • Rapid scaling
  • Controlled growth
  • MVP roll-outs
  • PMF testing
  • Adoption

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"Through their guidance and collaboration, we implemented a sales and marketing engine that generates our best opportunities, and continues to perform beyond expectations even into the depths of the Covid-19 Pandemic."

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Take your selling to the next level

If you're thinking about scaling your staffing agency, speak to one of our growth consultants, and we'll provide a free, 1-on-1 assessment.

We will talk about specific tasks you need performed, or if you're still trying to conceptualize your plan, we'll help you root out your best foot forward... and the next 10 steps after that. We can solve problems in many ways, and we're happy to help you find something that fits.

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