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Why our blog writing services do more

Are you looking for blogging strategy that engages your audience to your mission, but having a hard time finding the path that turns readership into sales? Or maybe you're having a hard time getting eyes on your articles to begin with?

For most small business owners and marketing leaders, blogging is considered necessary, but have no idea why or how to even begin to capitalize on it for their business. This leads to a lot of start-and-stops and investments that are as expensive and time-consuming as they are frustrating. This happens because without a holistic strategy, your blogs are nothing more than a collection of words.

With Orange Pegs Media, your blog is but one stop in a bigger picture journey that is rooted in white-hat SEO, and delivered and nurtured through blogging, social media, your website, landing pages, content offers, emails, and sales outreach strategy.


The Inbound Approach to Blogging

At Orange Pegs Media, we preach the gospel of Google, and they have very clearly and publicly declared what, EXACTLY, they want to see from your website. This is good news for ALL of us, particularly those who USE Google (We're looking at YOU), because all they're asking for is seamless, honest delivery of promises made on your website.

By developing a strategy that incorporates the science of SEO and the artistry of story-telling designed to educate (that's key), that's exactly what we're helping you accomplish. We help people in pain find your company's website, so they can diagnose their challenges and solutions, and give you their permission to pitch your products & services.

Now, when people ask why you blog, instead of "thought leadership," you can say, "sales."

How blogging integrates with the inbound marketing methodology

Your blogging strategy starts with understanding the problems your ideal customers are looking to solve. We uncover "keywords" relevant to queries being entered into Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which become the core foundation of your SEO strategy (What is SEO?), which fuels EVERY other component of your inbound program, including blogging. But good blogging and effective SEO is about more than just calculated word usage... It's actually about the user experience, which means leading them down the inbound path.

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Blog Writing Services Offered & Pricing

Check out why our blog writing services are able to turn readership into sales


Orange Pegs Media offers retainer-based blog writing services starting at $1,500/month. Every program developed is unique, deeply rooted in strategy, and executed by marketing professionals living IN the United States, with real-life experiences and stories to draw from.

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  • Big picture content strategy
    • SEO
    • Content offers
    • Social media
    • Blogging
    • ... and bridging all of the above
  • Work with internal teams to develop articles
  • ...and/or work independently to develop articles
  • Provide transparent analysis for reporting and strategic purposes
COMBINING: Social Media ~ SEO ~ Website ~ Blogging ~ Email, & more!


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At Orange Pegs Media, we offer blog writing services built on a foundation of logic and tested processes - driven by creativity... and most importantly - YOUR story!

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  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Make quality connections through social media
  • Build white-hat inbound links that last
  • Drive lead conversions
  • Increase sales with your ideal customers
  • ... But monetary definition behind the term "thought leader"


This first call is purely exploratory. We want to talk to see if blogging using the inbound methodology will increase sales opportunities for your business.

It's more of a tire-kicker than anything else, but the insights you'll gain could change everything about your views on digital marketing.

Let's turn your story into your strongest sales asset!

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