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JoAnn Martin

I inherited a typewriter from my great grandmother. It was a sexy shade of gunmetal green and came with a patina that would make hipsters swoon. At the age of 6, it was my prized (and only) personal possession and I put it to good use. Publishing my first series of neighborhood newspapers, I gathered a hefty readership of 3 (does a cat count?). Thus began an illustrious career in content.

But digital happened and the typewriter couldn't cut it. So, at 12, I joined forces with a friend to start M&M Design -- the world's premier "HMTL company". We redesigned the Qantas Airlines site (It never made the cut, but the kangaroo on the homepage was top notch... and those tables. mmm... tables.) and branched out into local advertising. Bringing my 9 year old brother's lawn care company onboard was my trophy deal.

Fast forward to 2017, many years and many miles later. I've had the pleasure to manage real content marketing projects for companies from multi-national non-profits to tech giants, to the most inspiring SMBs and startups you've ever met. I take it as my calling in life to remind the world that buyers are also humans, that our content should be helpful, and our goals lofty. I hope you'll join me in making the internet a better place for our children.

Onward, JoAnn