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Jul 30, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Basecamp 2 VS Basecamp 3: A Side-by-Side Product Comparison for CEOs

Kicking old habits is hard to do:

I was toying with the idea of "upgrading to Basecamp 3 for quite awhile. We were already using Basecamp 2, and had a great tool stack that made us nimble and effective. But there were some issues with our delivery process that were gnawing at me.

And I felt that Basecamp 2 was where some of the bottlenecks existed... So, I made the change.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of Basecamp 2 vs Basecamp 3. See how we use it and why we think one is far superior than the other.

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Nov 19, 2018 11:57:28 AM

Sales Enablement Tools that Change the Game (Video)

Enabling sales for success has never been easier.

As a business leader, you're no doubt always looking for ways to influence the sale, but struggling to find any meaningful ways to do so. 

But that's because you're relying too heavily on gut instinct and conversation. You're not letting DATA fill in the gaps or provide the narrative that dictates your most important decisions.

These sales enablement tools and processes will change all of that. They'll put objective reasoning at the helm, and allow marketing and upper management to enable better outcomes on the ground floor.

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Nov 16, 2018 1:19:37 PM

How Inbound and Modern Technology can Influence Sales (VIDEO)

Your sales people are the life blood of your business. It's why they get paid the big bucks, and why it's so much easier for you to invest in new salespeople than new marketing programs.

But would you feel the same about marketing and investments related to marketing if they could provide sales with unquestionable value and support? 

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May 1, 2018 9:21:33 AM

Don't Invest in Inbound Until You Fix Sales

Is coming up with your next growth plan frustrating the living crap out of you?

As a Sales Leader or Business Owner, you want the same things - more deals. How we get there... well, that's another story, and typically where the roads diverge.

The problem is that neither of you are right... or you're both right... or it's a combination of the two, plus something you hadn't considered yet.

I guess the real problem is that there is no way to validate or disprove anything, which brings to light the most glaring weakness plaguing your ability to grow - your data integrity.

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Apr 24, 2018 1:56:48 PM

Your Data Sucks & it's killing your B2b Sales Process (VIDEO)

Making decisions without data is hard.

So, why do it? Why put hunches and gut instinct in the driver's seat when so much is at stake?

If your b2b sales process is meant to scale, you need data, and your CRM is the reason why you're not getting it. 

Check out the video below for a discussion about your CRM, and how to transform it from an encumbering management tool to a tool for sales growth.

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Mar 22, 2018 1:05:26 PM

Don't Think: Make Your Sales Emails COUNT with a Modern CRM

Some time ago Hubspot's Sales tool (formerly known as "Sidekick") added the ability to schedule emails to send at a later time. The premise was that your sales activities, such as emailing, often occur later in the day, when it's not an optimal time to communicate with prospects. You want them to be in their email when you send it.

So, instead of sending right away (or saving it, then setting a reminder task in your calendar), you pick a day and time for it to go out, and schedule it at your convenience. No extra steps. Nothing falls through the cracks.

But there's one major, glaring, ugly flaw...

How can you possibly know with any amount of certainty when it's an optimal time to reach out to somebody? Hunches? Gut feelings? Certainly, there's nothing telling you this information based on hard data... So, how?... Without adding another cumbersome, time-sucking responsibility....?

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Jan 8, 2018 6:00:00 AM

The Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2018

Having the right attitude but the wrong tools will get you nowhere fast:

(Updated 1/8/18) - I love technology. I love gadgets and gizmos (aplenty... anybody?), and when I have the time and resources, I spend most of it exploring new and popular tools, mostly for my inbound marketing agency, Orange Pegs Media. When they're great, we adopt them and work them into our existing and future client projects. When they're not, we kick them out to make room for something else.

They must serve a purpose that is valuable, unique, and that can magnify the impact of our other marketing tools without causing additional stress or barriers. If anything, they should reduce stress and tear down barriers.

So, just yesterday, I was reviewing desktop recordings of visitors using my new favorite marketing tool, when it hit me - We have incredible technologies available to us as business owners, and when we use them thoughtfully and strategically to enable our marketing teams, our opportunities for growth show up at every turn. 

The tools stack that I'm sharing with you today has really transformed the way we are able to deliver on our promises as marketers, so read on, and please feel free to share your favorite tools as well! I'm always looking for the next big thing!

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