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How It Works

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Every Aspect of Growth

Scaled to your Appetite

From foundational beliefs to the practical tools, workflows, and people that bring it all together, we're here to support your growth at every stage of your journey. Check out any of our videos below to see what our template and mission are all about.

Meet Our Growth Marketing Template

Each step, assignment, and protocol is designed to serve a singular purpose: help you grow your business. Check out how we do it by exploring the many facets of the template:

  • Philosophy
  • Template
  • Process
  • Team
SLA Day 1 AlignmentGet aligned and moving in the right direction from day 1 with this foundational tool that is often over-looked and under-utilized.
SLA Day 1 Alignment
Marketer running a workshop in a room lit in yellow and orange lights
Workshops Visionary CollaborationRapid growth starts with rapid launch sequences--our workshop series gets you aligned and running with your first experiments in just 3 weeks
Workshops Visionary Collaboration
Marketers looking at white board with post-it notes
Lean Launch Start Small, Scale FastOur launch methodology puts your ideas to test fast, so you can learn as you go--set your benchmarks based on reality, then pivot your way to rapid scaling.
Lean Launch Start Small, Scale Fast
Businesswoman pointing at a growing chart during a meeting in the meeting room
Standups Never Stop IteratingOur standup meeting routines keep your growth program moving forward, always focusing on new ways to influence your North Star Metric (NSM).
Standups Never Stop Iterating

Customer Testimonials

Working with Orange Pegs has been a game-changer for our business. Their innovative strategies and dedicated team have propelled our brand to new heights. From crafting compelling campaigns to boosting our online presence, they've exceeded our expectations at every turn. Their personalized approach and attention to detail truly set them apart!

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Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen headshot
Nurys Harrigan-PedersenPresident @ CNP Staffing

”Orange Pegs went above and beyond, taking the time to understand our business. Not only did this provide a level of comfort in working with them, it also translated into actionable strategies that were tailor-made for us. Orange Pegs didn't offer a one-size-fits-all solution; they crafted a growth hacking strategy that was uniquely suited to our business!

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Anne Calabretta
Anne CalebrettaMarketing Manager @ Solucient

Orange Pegs was(/is) a great investment for growing our business. They're strategic, methodical, thoughtful, reactive, and responsive. They're not like other agencies in that they are 100% committed to business growth and agile in their approach!

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Tim MacDonald
Tim MacDonaldAVP Marketing @ Tradier

Investing in the Orange Pegs growth program led to incredible results. They helped us reduce our customer acquisition costs by a significant amount (95%!), created a program that allows us to target and secure quality clients while providing business intelligence that enables us to make mission-critical decisions with confidence, and instilled a culture of growth that continues to compound our success!

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AWKO logo
Ronn WallaceMarketing Manager @ AWKO Law
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We help businesses of all sizes and industries grow by applying our proprietary Growth Marketing methodology. We'll help you align your teams and investments, extract your best ideas, and set your company up for success in the best ways.