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Orange County, California (Irvine) - We believe that clarity, automation, and inbound are the keys to controlled, explosive growth.

Growth & Digital Marketing Services include:

  • Website design & development
  • Brand development
  • Organic SEO marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Sales enablement
  • Growth hacking
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Unparalleled Growth Expertise

A Hubspot PLATINUM Solutions Partner with a growth-specific mindset

Headquartered in Orange County, California (Irvine), and operating throughout the United States, Orange Pegs is 100% US-talent. Since 2013, Orange Pegs has been delivering growth programs to funded startups, staffing agencies, technology companies, software & SaaS, accounting firms, e-commerce, and more.

Our roots are based on the proven inbound marketing methodology, and we are trailblazing a path for the growth methodology that was made famous by Sean Ellis, and refined into a templatized program by industry guru, Jason Barbato. (learn more)

What you should know about us... we're:

Hubspot Platinum Solutions Partner


Fans of Growth

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"We initially sought the help of Orange Pegs for lead generation, but they are so much more than that. Through their guidance and collaboration, we implemented a sales and marketing engine that generates our best opportunities, and continues to perform beyond expectations even into the depths of the Covid-19 Pandemic."

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Mark Arrow

Mark Arrow Headcount Management

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"We had a new product, and no marketing function when Orange Pegs became our partner. With their help we now have a complete, agile, scalable inbound program that has supported two more product launches, event campaigns, and more... OP is a strong ally that has helped the rapid growth of our business; we feel lucky to have them!"

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Kristin DiProsa

Kristin DiProsa Cognivue

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"These guys make it happen!

Orange Pegs has solidified our online presence. It makes it easy for us to focus on the sales process and client experience and we're seeing quality leads come in. They keep it fresh by running tests and always have the data/reporting we need. Great strategic partner!"

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Brad Mols, happy customer

Brad Mols Acena Consulting

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Specifically formulated for your growth:

See how we're disrupting the traditional marketing agency model, and growing businesses in the United States. We'll help you build your brand, and turn marketing and sales energy into revenue synergy.

Network of Specialists

  • Highly flexible, vetted workforce
  • Industry focus
  • On-demand talent

Process Obsessed

  • Centralized & organized
  • Automated & transparent
  • Built off of proven formulas

Solution Driven

  • Goal focused assessments
  • Grounded in reality
  • Solution focused

Your Partners in Growth

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Lucas Hamon: Founding Partner
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Lucas Hamon

Founding Partner & CEO


When Lucas started Orange Pegs in 2013, he set out on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses grow through the use of transformative processes and technologies and an endless supply of engaged leads. Prior to that, Lucas had a successful career in business development. (see more)

He is an artist first, and carries with him vision that transforms complex business challenges into engaging marketing programs that directly impact growth. 

He dreams in pictures, and has a long history of bringing his functional vision and leadership into business models across a wide array of industries, including staffing, tech startups, professional consulting, accounting, e-commerce, and more.

Truth is, he just likes helping businesses grow... !
Jason Barbato, VP of Growth


Jason Barbato: Partner
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Jason Barbato

Partner & Vice President of Growth

Jason has been an inbound marketer for over a decade, building and improving programs for agencies, startups, small businesses and enterprises. He became a partner and VP of Growth at Orange Pegs in 2019.  (see more)

Beyond his marketing experiences, Jason has built a name as an emerging leader in the growth industry through his work at IBM where he blazed the trail for growth hacking. In addition to scaling his program 20x across the enterprise, his own growth hacking generated nearly $40M in ARR. 

Jason dreams in numbers, and has a long history of transforming pictures into revenue generation through this extremely rare talent. When he's not implementing first-in-class growth programs for our clients, you'll find him mentoring  future generations of growth talent, or settling into a pint of local IPA... sometimes both.

Truth is, he just likes experimenting... and WINNING!

Meet some of our Regulars

Architects of Growth

Jesse Marcks

Growth Consultant

With nearly 15 years of digital experience, Evan lives and breathes strategic design and innovative solutions implementation. Evan leads teams in tech, professional services, and disruptive industries.

Heroes: Lucas Hamon (who may have something to do with this)
Past-Times: Doing the SoCal thing

Jennifer Waycott

Growth Consultant

Jennifer has spent the last 15 years helping businesses in California grow. She loves traveling, spending time with her family, and making sure her daughter's soccer team has matching mermaid socks.

Heroes:  Amelia Earhart, Ellen Degeneres, Walt Disney, Chris Waycott (gag... j/k, love you babe)
Past-Times:  Following my little one around making sure her outfit is FIRE

Sarah Tsai

Growth Consultant

Sarah is an explorer of technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and crypto currency. She's experienced in branding, design, product development, sales support, customer service, and data analytics.

Heros: Seth Godin, Brene Brown, Esther Perel
Past-Times: Chinese Soap Operas & TED Talks

Leaders of Growth

Cortney Farmer

Project Lead & Writer Extraordinare

Cortney creates compelling content that connects with consumers, drives search engine results, and builds brands. An experienced digital marketer and copywriter, Cortney helps clients convert readers into customers.

Heroes: Oprah, J.K. Rowling, Jürgen Klopp
Past-Times: Family, skiing, soccer momming

Nicole Kelso

Project Lead with MAJOR Design Chops

Nicole is a double threat: Project leadership and design. She describes graphic and web design as a creative science. She brings her expertise and your vision to a visual reality that produces results.

Heroes: Andy Frisella, Jennifer Lawrence, Ed Mylett
Past-Times: Harry Potter, yoga, dancing, real estate investing

Jeshe Burch

Growth Lead

Jeshe has helped to develop a range of digital marketing solutions for a diverse set of brands. They include: Intel, Microsoft, Sikorsky Aircraft, Columbia Sportswear, DaKine Sportswear, and IdentoGO/TSA Prescreen Services to name a few.

Heroes: Jason Barbato, my daughter, anybody who knows what futsal is
Past-Times: Spending time outdoors, playing futsal, and family stuff

Toni Plumb

Project Lead / Designer

Toni is an active board member of Women in Digital, and spends her days helping B2Bs thrive. When she's not generating hot new leads for her clients, she's hang-gliding in the Alps or weaving baskets.

Heroes: Brad Mols, Selena Meyer, Hermoine Granger
Past-Times: Plate spinning, juggling, hang-gliding while spinning plates

Hackers of Growth

Michael Loch

Growth Hacker

Michael brings a fresh perspective to growth thanks to experience in running his own business. When he's not hacking, he's wearing "soft pants," and reading  a book about things you wouldn't understand.

Heroes: You wouldn't get it, sorry
Past-Times: Ah... bet you thought he'd spill it here... nope.

David Ingram

Growth Hacker

David's obsession with growth hacking often leaves him with too much time on his hands... With all of this extra time, David finds himself weaving hair clips out of banana leaves...

Heroes: Moana, The State Farmers insurance guy
Past-Times: Shredding Iron Maiden on his Les Paul

Specialists of Growth

Stephanie Barbato

Social Media Marketing

Stephanie is as social in the real world as she is in your business' world. She loves barbecues, traveling, and tasting the craft beers that her older, wiser, growth hero, Jason Barbato, recommends

Heroes: Jason Barbato x 3
Past-Times: Traveling, nature, family, snipe hunting

Glenna Lechner


Glenna was a cat in her previous life... and she'll be one in her next as well... She's very likely to read this description of her, and have very specific opinions about it... if we choose to abuse the Oxford comma

Heroes: Jack Skellington, Mary Poppins
Past-Times: Correcting strangers' grammar on the subway

Chris Waycott

Graphics & Web Development

Chris is an amateur wrestling champ by day, and a versatile developer with chops in just about any platform out there by night... he's especially skilled in the Hubspot CMS and WordPress environments.

Heroes: Jennifer Waycott, Reagan Waycott
Past-Times: Little league referee, craft beer, and the beach

Kornelia Sneider

Graphics & Project Management

Outside of drawing pretty pictures that help businesses sell MILLIONS of $ in services and products, Kornelia is known for her jambalaya. Give her a bag of rice and red beans, and watch out!

Heroes: Evan Sneider
Past-Times: As a mom of 2 young-uns in a lockdown, there are no past-times...

TJ Nevis

Web Developer

TJ has been programming since the days of noisy, dial-up internet. He's proficient in PHP, JavaScript, Angular, AngularJS, CSS/SCSS,  SQL, and MongoDB. He provides custom solutions to a variety of industries.

Heroes: The internet, inventor of sesame bagels
Past-Times: Washing cars, pondering life's mysteries

Alana Jenkins

Project Manager & Social Media

If there's one thing Alana loves more than helping businesses grow, it's theme parks. Alana LOVES theme parks, and she has the keychains to prove it.

Heroes: Walt Disney, Minnie Mouse
Past-Times: Movies, theme parks

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100% Made in the USA

If you'd like to see how your website can generate leads for you even while you sleep or are away on vacation, then we shouldn't dance around it anymore. We help staffing agencies, accounting firms, software companies, professional consulting, and e-commerce companies!

We operate 100% out of the United States, because we believe that the best marketing for US-based companies comes from people who actually live here. We've fought the same battles as you in the same environments as you, and experienced many of the same outcomes. We are sales people, strategists, marketers, artists, creators, and restless entrepreneurs - and we're lined up and ready to help you achieve your next-level sales goals.

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