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Permission-based email nurturing


At Orange Pegs Media, we help businesses generate website traffic, then turn it into leads that we can nurture and market to. After all, the best email campaigns come after already starting off on the right foot.

For us, email is one stop in a multi-disciplinary chain of digital marketing tactics and events. The method we use for our clients is agenda and outcome-driven, meaning, we set goals from the outset that lead us to revenue generation, then work backwards  to determine the best levels of investment for each individual component.

Is it possible that your contacts are unsubscribing and marking you as spam because they don't know who you are, where you came from, or whether clicking on your link will lead to value or a trojan virus? Well, if you earned them through inbound marketing, not only would you be able to stop walking the thin line between assertiveness and straight up breaking the law, but when you message them, they'll know who you are and be much more willing to open and click, or even take your calls.

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We help you use emailing as as a tool for growth and engagement, not disruption & harrassment. If you look at the inbound marketing methodology table below, you'll see that email isn't there to generate interest, but rather, to leverage interest, and move people further down the buyer's journey.




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(The inbound marketing methodology)

Nurture Your Prospects without Spam

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Email Marketing Pricing: 

Orange Pegs Media offers retainer-based packages starting at $2,000/month.


~ SEO strategy & integration

~ Systems integrations

~ Drip campaigns & blasts

~ Focus on increasing organic followers AND engagement

~ 3rd party content curating

~ Real conversations with real results


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inbound marketing for professional accounting firms - be original - be sought after


Articles that help you build a home-grown email list


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At Orange Pegs Media, email marketing means connecting with subscribers who gave their permission for you to market to them.

Our email marketing services push the conversation further down the buyer's journey - We do not impose or force a sales agenda, but rather, help prospects find their way.

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~ Turn permission-based leads into being sales qualified

~ Incorporate other marketing assets into your email campaigns

~ Create smart content that changes based on your readers' history

~ Automate entire email sequences

~ Create automatic sales alerts


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