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Ronn Wallace AWKO LAW

"Orange Pegs is a team of superstars who leave nothing on the table when working towards your goals"

Mike Porath, CEO of The Mighty
Mike Porath The Mighty

"... Orange Pegs helped us build a growth culture that put us on a new trajectory."

Mark Arrow
Mark Arrow Headcount Management

"... Their expertise and commitments to growth are unlike anything we’ve ever come across!"

Kristin DiProsa
Kristin DiProsa Cognivue

"... a strong ally that has helped the rapid growth of our business ..."

Robin Clokey
Robin Clokey ARMStaffing

"They make solving complex business challenges a fun exploration."

Janet Jaiswal
Janet Jaiswal MeetingSift, IGeneX, Aeries

"... Orange Pegs is a firm I will work with again and again!"