(Orange Pegs' VP of Growth) "Jason has put together a program at IBM that is driving real adoption of growth hacking that is generating measurable results. IBM is further ahead with adopting growth hacking than any other enterprise that I’m aware of and I’ve looked pretty hard to find the prototype that all other enterprises will follow."

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis Founder & CEO @ GrowthHackers, Inc


Growth Marketing for Startups is about outcome-specific customization

Whether you're improving a product, software, or service, or you're simply turning up the volume to your viable and engaged sales opportunities, we have a solution that fits the demands of your startup.

Areas we can play a pivotal role in supporting:




  • Improve user experience
  • Find bugs in your _programming
  • Improve product & service offerings
  • Increase user adoption and retention
  • Improve feedback channels
  • Increase consumption
  • Predictable lead-flow via inbound
  • Automate & optimize 
  • Adaptive sales methodology

 If the pressure is on to achieve rapid growth, and you don't have the luxury of endless capital, our growth program could be the vehicle you need to get to that "next level."

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Leadership + Collaboration + a Proven Process

Designed to achieve a balanced, timely, and provocative growth plan

  • Our leadership role ensures that you're not expected to lead us through critical steps or apply industry best practices.
  • Our collaborative model ensures your vision is properly communicated and synthesized by our creative and development teams.
  • Our process gets it done timely, and ensures we always have a plan for succession.



This is our method for bringing your vision to life:

Not all of these programs are going to apply... and if they do, they may not apply in this order...

A typical startup will need all or some aspect of each program listed below. However, what applies to your 


1: Define your goals & challenges

You're here because you're trying to grow your business.  Before we start throwing strategy and ideas for tactical execution at you, let's step back and decide what your goals are, and subsequently, the threats that are working against you. 

2: Determine Culture & Product Market Fit

Growth is a journey. It requires a product or service that has a market, and there needs to be an appetite for the kind of change a growth program can ultimately bring to your startup. Before engaging with any client, we determine whether we're the right resource based on our fit with your product and your fit with the required changes to your business culture.

3: Assess your "growth readiness"

Growth is as much of a formula as it is creative inspiration. To determine readiness, we evaluate your tech stack's ability to analyze results and execute the program. From there we'll outline the technical requirements, infrastructure costs, and your roadmap to implementation.

4: Understand your buyer

Buyers and users are lifeblood of your business.  We'll help you formalize your understanding of your ideal customer, then fill in the gapsand fix your misconceptions through research, surveys, interviews, and other qualatative analysis. 

5: Perform a system-wide diagnostic & align your business

You're about to hire a growth agency to help you achieve your sales goals. Make sure you're on the same page when it comes to defining successful outcomes. Communication is a critical factor in avoiding sales and marketing misalignment, and it gives your sales team context quickly when they're reaching out to engaged buyers. This means formalizing definitions about what a "qualified" lead is, along with how we're going to define success prior to the close of a deal. It also means defining sales process and execution protocols.

6: Claim your "North Star" metric

When it comes to investing in sales and marketing, it's easy to get caught weeds because of how many different forms of tactical execution we're implementing at any given moment. We could be running experiments on increasing the number of leads generated through social media, improving retention through your app, and reducing time spent on manual sales tasks all at the same time--(not to mention, we'll be running multiple experiments on each one). Your "North Star" metric is the central reason why you hire us. And we'll make sure it's a good one!

7: Turn on the Marketing Engine and Sales Automation

Whetever the path to success, there's going to be a need for marketing. If your business requires leads, we'll turn on an inbound lead gen engine, which may require work on your website. If it requires retaining existing customers, we'll turn on a nurturing / push program. 

8: Growth Hack

Iterate, experiment, measure, analyze, learn, evangelize... wash, rinse, and repeat

The key to a successful startup growth program is to temper your expectations in the early stages with the reality that while you may start off with a bang, you may not. Unless there's a data trail that points to undeniable success, we're starting from scratch. It's what happens post-launch that is most critical when it comes to controlling the growth of your business. 

Growth hacking is where the rubber meets the road.


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