by Lucas Hamon

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I began my career at a specialty sock store

Orange County, California (Huntington Beach) - My foray into the working world wasn't exactly glamorous, but it set me on the path that led me to inbound marketing almost 20 years later.

When you came into my store looking for a pair of socks on the days I was working, you didn't just find ANY pair of socks. You found the RIGHT pair.

After college, I made started in the mail room of a multi-billion dollar corporation, and moved up into staffing and corporate advisory services, with roles in sales, service, management, and consulting.

bigstock-Exhausted-Businessman-Sleeping-61859774.jpgI know what it's like to hammer out 100 calls in a day, and I know what it means to build something from nothing.

The internet is changing the way consumers behave, but most businesses aren't changing the way they behave.

The inbound methodology is a huge departure from the norm, and it meets this challenge head-on. And it really, really works (check out the case study)!

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