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For: Sales-Obsessed Businesses Investing in Strategic Growth

Stop throwing basic answers at problems that require comprehensive solutions


If you're investing in growth marketing, you're no doubt thinking of ROI as sales, which can be very frustrating. After all, marketing and sales go hand-in-glove, but vanity goals like "clicks," "impressions," "likes," "follows," "shares," "traffic," and "leads" often distract business leaders from their real objectives ... They aren't strategic in nature... 

And yet, the formula is so simple: Marketing generates opportunities, and Sales transforms opportunities into revenue.

So, we formulated a sales enablement and alignment program to help businesses approach growth strategically through methodology and best practices that integrate investments in both sales and marketing... while aligning them with your core business objectives.

Inbound Sales Enablement & Alignment helps improve sales outcomes through:
  • Collaboration
  • Qualitative Commitments
  • Tools & templates
  • Training

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What Customers are Saying

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"We initially sought the help of Orange Pegs for lead generation, but they are so much more than that. Through their guidance and collaboration, we implemented a sales and marketing engine that generates our best opportunities, and continues to perform beyond expectations"

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What Goes Into It

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Share your mission, vision, and existing processes & culture

We're going to help you extract what's working and re-imagine everything else


Modernizing your sales culture doesn't mean losing the things that have worked up until now--it means expanding the things that are lifting you up, ridding yourself of the things that are holding you down, and filling the gaps that inhibit self-awareness.

Check out how our sales enablement team helps businesses like yours close more deals at a higher velocity:

The Sales Enablement Process



Our workshop series covers a broad spectrum of topics, from growth culture, inbound sales philosophy, architecture, and deal management, to persona and profile development, accountability standards, and more.

You bring your sales, marketing, and business leaders; we bring a collaborative environment where we share ideas and get buy-in from key stakeholders on mission-critical concepts related to inbound sales.

(Learn more about the importance of Growth Culture)


Your customers provide a unique perspective that we help capture through interviews, surveys, and other qualitative exercises. They provide depth in your persona and profiles, help you better articulate your value proposition(s), and even generate ideas for content creation.

We'll also use our discoveries to map out lead qualification standards that make it easy and practical to assign accountability and engineer your sales tools. 

Everything comes together in a formalized SLA (Service Level Commitment), signed by key stakeholders in executive, sales, and marketing leadership as well as your growth Partner, Orange Pegs.

  • Personas are defined and qualified
  • MQL and SQLs are standardized
  • Sales architecture formalized
  • Deal management formalized
  • All contributing parties are committed

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In addition to providing a blueprint for growth marketing, your SLA is the foundation for your sales tools engineering and collateral customization.

In this phase, we'll implement and onboard modern sales technology or modernize your existing stack (what is a Modern CRM?).

We'll also upload and customize sales email templates that embody inbound sales best practices, and embed your sales script and qualification process in places that support your sales force with tangible value.

Management will have a better grip on reality, and you'll have optimized sales tools sales reps LOVE because they help them close more deals at a faster velocity.

(Download the Sales Enablement Strategy Guide)


When your goals and energies are aligned, tools engineered, and templates in place, we're going bring the inbound sales process to life with a live and recorded tutorial demo'd inside your own environment.

See how it all works, and provide contextual feedback for the final update.

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Strategy Guide

Help Sales win more deals faster

Download the free guide


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This Inbound Sales Enablement Strategy Guide will give you the framework you need to maximize the value of your investments in sales and marketing.

Download it today to:

  • Fill costly gaps in your sales cycle
  • Create a structured, supportive sales culture
  • Tackle sales challenges unique to inbound leads
  • Learn how to provide real support to your sales teams





What Comes Out of It

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The inbound sales playbook driven by growth culture

Start off on the right foot with great ideas, informed by more than gut instinct

At the end of your program, you'll have an action-plan that you can execute on your own, delegate to your team, or hand off to a growth agency. It will include analysis and early outcomes and an organized and prioritized list of experiments... an essential "road map" to growing your company.



The SLA we develop through collaboration, inbound best practices, and the merging of your existing practices and processes will provide the contextual, validated framework that fuels all of your growth investments going forward.



The sales tools we implement or update will mirror your commitments to growth culture. They'll incorporate your MQL and SQL standards in a functional capacity and solicit adoption from your sales team with templates and integrated tools that put sales first.



In the end you'll be provided with 2 hands-on interactive training workshops, guidance through 2 or  more certification programs, and a custom video that showcases your new processes and commitments to inbound sales culture inside your very own sales environment.

Our sales enablement professionals will help you develop and adopt the tools and playbook, and most importantly, buy-in from your rain-makers.

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  • Align your sales and marketing teams
  • Instill inbound sales culture
  • Build an inbound tech stack
  • Provide the tools you need to close more deals faster

Our Sales Enablement & Alignment Services were developed for business leaders who are investing in growth, but struggle to find programs that are strategic in nature, addressing the full continuum of sales.

Does that sound like you?

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