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We help B2Bs grow, and one of the most exciting ways we do it is through our inbound lead generation services.

  • Create pipeline predictability
  • Generate opportunities 24/7
  • Supply sales with deals ready to close
  • Increase the size and engagement of your pipeline

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How can we help you grow your company?


Our B2B Lead Generation Services are for the Growth-Inclined

If you're tired of making investments in digital marketing, and not seeing any quality leads coming from your efforts, we can turn your digital energy into sales synergy.

Our proven methodology of lead generation stacks existing digital marketing services. We're not reinventing the wheel or doing anything that Google or your visitors wouldn't approve of. In fact, we're leaning into all the things that make searching the internet for solutions enjoyable and intuitive.

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Inbound generates a continuous flow of new and strengthened business opportunities by leveraging content, data, and forward-thinking digital marketing tools.

The Inbound Marketing MethodologyThe method is widely accepted as a legitimate and necessary way to grow businesses in the modern era. You probably know this already, and you may have even seen the funnel that put inbound on the map:

  • Attract visitors to your website - SEO, blogs, social, PPC
  • Convert qualified visitors into leads - Offers, landing pages
  • Close leads into customers - Automation, nurturing, alerts
  • Delight customers into promoters - Social, content, events

Growth First

Inbound lead gen makes sales people feel like it's Christmas every day. Without cold-calling, excessive prospecting, and generally disrupting their important prospects, inbound delivers leads that are engaged to your business right now.

Relevance Always

Unlike the inbound marketing agencies who focus on marketing KPIs, such as lead quantity, our programs are geared toward one thing - GROWTH. We'll build a funnel that addresses your entire sales cycle.

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My Inbound Journey

Your Inbound Journey

Your Inbound Journey is like no other

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Inbound Lead Generation Pricing: 

Orange Pegs Media offers entry-level packages starting at $2,000/month and advanced packages starting at $6,000/month(call for pricing and to determine your requirements)


  • Attract: SEO, Social media, PPC Ads, blogging
  • Convert: CTAs, Content offers, Landing pages
  • Close: Automated Nurturing, Sales integration, Growth hacking
  • Real conversations with real results

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"... when our first lead came through, and then turned into a client, I became a true believer!"


Stefanie Wichansky PRP Staffing

"Lucas & Orange Pegs have the understanding and experience to manage and succeed."

Daniel Shlifer

Daniel Shlifer Pain Relief Centers

"I highly recommend Orange Pegs Media for inbound marketing initiatives."

Tomo Matano

Tomohiro Matano Hakubaku USA

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  • Transform your website into your best source for leads
  • Develop quality connections with your prospects
  • Utilize marketing automation tools
  • Create powerful synergy between sales & marketing

Our turn-key inbound marketing services will generate Marketing Qualitifed Leads from your website within the first month of implementation - guaranteed!

But, this isn't a one-size fits all kind of deal, so, please fill out the form to talk about your vision, goals, and general fit requirements.


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