Growth that comes from technology and heart

You're on a mission to grow your staffing agency, and we love that about you!

To help you get there, we formulated a 5-step program that we'll customize to your business, challenges, goals, and resources. It amplifies the value of sales AND marketing investments, because it puts objectivity first. And it's objective, because it puts data first.

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See it with your own eyes

The Orange Pegs Growth Formula includes a stack of technologies, processes, and methodologies - all geared toward achieving measured, controlled growth... with as much of it automated as possible.

To help illustrate, we put together this short video:

Your Inbound Journey


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Turn synergy into energy

Sales, recruiting, and marketing are shooting for the same things, but often struggle to get on the same page. Why is that?

Often, there is lack of infrastructure, making accountability nearly impossible to assign. But if you have a system in place that makes it easy to objectively measure activities and outcomes between sales and marketing, it's time to execute an SLA.

Alignment services include:
  • MQL and SQL definitions
  • Sales hand-off procedure definition
  • Benchmarks & accountability standards
  • SLA agreement execution
  • SLA & lead quality reporting

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Enable your sales team to close more deals at a higher velocity

Implement tools that provide sales and marketing with contextual, relevant insights... that automate time-consuming, neglected tasks, such as data entry, scheduling, and pipeline management.. and that create the landscape for aligned outcomes.

  • CRM Implementations - Implement a Modern CRM or modernize your existing one
  • 3rd party app integrations - Build a technology stack that removes friction and opens your eyes
  • Pipeline management - Keep the deals closest to closing top of mind and within arm's reach
  • Template creation & optimization - Keep optimized collateral at your sales people's fingertips
  • Automate nurturing while elevating favorable buying signals and suppressing everything else
  • Achieve a 5-minute or less sales response time
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Turn on your website

There's no reason for your website to serve as a simple brochure to your products or services. It can be an active participant in your sales process, generate your hottest, most engaged leads, and provide critical insights about your target audience.

Utilizing Growth Driven Design methodology:
  • Launch quickly (2 months)
  • Optimize over time through a rigid hierarchy

Growth Driven Design websites look and perform better than existing websites, but they're not perfect at launch. No website ever is. The difference is that we accept this reality, and let cold hard data tell us where improvements should be made...

- not hunches or web developers. 

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Inbound Lead Gen

Getting Started with Inbound stats


Make your own luck

Generating inbound leads is a great way to add predictability to your sales pipelines.

They're more engaged than cold leads, and they're giving your marketing and sales teams permission to contact them. 

Inbound Lead Generation Methodology:
  • Attract: We'll bring prospects to you
  • Convert: They'll give you permission to contact them
  • Close: We'll nurture and hand-off to sales
  • Delight: We'll turn service wins to sales wins

Nothing tells your sales team you love them like a predictable stream of inbound leads.

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Growth Hacking

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Optimize your sales outcomes with technology & data

Are you looking to control the growth of your organization, and want to make decisions based on objective data rather than gut instinct? Our Growth Hacking & Sales Optimization services can help you get there ...learn more

Our program helps you:

  • A/B test new ideas
  • Maximize the impact of your sales & marketing collateral
  • Objectively identify kinks in your sales funnel
  • Centralize all of your most important data
  • Automate data entry and other cumbersome tasks
  • Calculate ROI
  • Make decisions about sales & marketing investments with CONFIDENCE

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Plan, Coach, Win

With an automated marketing engine and an optimized sales force, what's left on your list of to-dos? Total domination, is what.

Our coaching services will ensure you get the most out of your investments, and help you leverage them in the short and long term.

Coaching services include:
  • Business coaching
  • Sales coaching
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Team-building
  • Staffing

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inbound lead gen vs sales infrastructure

grow your staffing agency

Sales enablement strategy guide for staffing agencies

 Marketing ROI Calculator


Take your selling to the next level

If you're thinking about scaling your staffing agency, speak to one of our growth consultants, and we'll provide a free, 1-on-1 assessment.

We will talk about specific tasks you need performed, or if you're still trying to conceptualize your plan, we'll help you root out your best foot forward... and the next 10 steps after that. We can solve problams in many ways, and we're happy to help you find something that fits.

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