The Growth Formula Built for Staffing

Technology + Formula + Specialists = Problems Solved = Growth


Build your own growth plan with this free tool

Build your Sales and Marketing Plan with this free tool-kit

Growth that comes from technology and heart

You're on a mission to grow your staffing agency, and we love that about you. To help you get there, we put together a 5-step program that we'll customize to your challenges, goals, resources, and you...ness.

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The Orange Pegs Growth Formula is a series of technologies, processes, and automations - all geared toward achieving measured, controlled growth... 

To help illustrate, we put together this short video:

 your journey through the orange pegs media growth stack



The Formula



CRM implementation services (sales infrastructure)

Sales Infrastructure

Often, sales challenges can be solved quickly with a more supportive and transparent sales  system.
  • Modernize your CRM
  • Elevate, automate, and support your sales process
  • Create objective accountability standards


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Sales enablement services

Sales Enablement

"Growth hack" your sales outcomes with measured collateral, A/B testing, and objectively informed decisions. 


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Website design and development services

A re-imagined website

Your website can generate leads, create engagement, and serve as your most important sales tool.


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Inbound lead generation services

Inbound Lead Generation

Provide your salespeople with a steady stream of highly engaged, permission-based leads that want to hear from your agency 
  • Attract: SEO, blogging, social media, PPC ads
  • Convert: Lead magnets, webinars, etc
  • Close: Automated nurturing and sales alerts


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sales and marketing alignment services

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Align the energy deployed by your two most important growth departments with an SLA that puts objectivity first
  • Bring definition to your ENTIRE sales funnel
  • Collaborate on accountability standards
  • Measure outcomes against GROWTH


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Build your Growth Plan with this Interactive Questionnaire:

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Build your own growth plan with this free tool

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