"Orange Pegs has exceeded my expectations. They are a strategic business partner with expertise well beyond marketing! They make solving complex business challenges a fun exploration. I would highly recommend Orange Pegs to any organization that is looking to strategically grow their business portfolio through innovative thought & technology leadership!"

Robin Clokey

Robin Clokey Allied Resources Medical Staffing

How can we help you grow your company?


We help recruitment agencies grow through inbound marketing+

Your staffing agency is like no other, and we'd like to help!

We help business leaders at recruitment agencies who are ready to meet the demands of the modern buyer... who are tired of knocking on the same doors as their countless competitors... who are ready to scale their businesses with unconventional marketing, technology, and processes that attract opportunities that match the skills of their talent providers.

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"... when our first lead came through hubspot and then turned into a client, I became a true believer!"

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Robin Clokey Allied Resources Medical Staffing


Current Certifications:

  • Inbound
  • Inbound Sales
  • Sales Enablement
  • Delivering Sales Services
  • Hubspot Marketing Software
  • Hubspot Sales Software
  • Growth Driven Design
  • Hubspot Partner (Gold)
  • (see more here)

Hubspot Gold Partner


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Strategy & Alignment

Develop a Sales, Recruiting, and Marketing strategy that focuses your time and energy on activities you know make a difference

Our recruitment agency marketing & sales solutions are built around cold, hard data. Sales, recruiting, and marketing alignment will help you grow your business without bloat, misdirection, or gut-based decision-making.

Our strategy & alignment program helps you:

  • Develop your core targeting strategy based on personas and ideal company traits
  • Create accountability standards
  • Focus on the activities that actually matter
  • Generate meaningful outcomes
  • Pinpoint trouble spots with clarity and objectivity

Program delivery:

  • Your top personas (including candidates) & company profiles defined
  • Formalization to your sales process, and commitments made by your sales & recruitment leaders
  • Lead hand-off procedure
  • Accountability metrics for marketing
  • Buy-in from all key stakeholders
  • ... all wrapped up into a Service Level Agreement (SLA - see below)



(sample SLA showing persona definitions)

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Sales Automation

We implement technology stacks that

  • Support your sales process, not encumber it.
  • Elevate insights when and where they are needed most, not bury them in spreadsheets or cumbersome CRMs
  • Create competitive advantages, not lean into more of the same
  • Inform critical decisions made by marketing & sales leadership with objective data, not gut instinct

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sales dashboard

 (sample sales pipeline)


Sales Enablement

Generate more job orders through "growth hacking"

  • Reduce your sales response time to 5 minutes or less
  • Remove manual bottlenecks in your sales cycle
  • Improve sales collateral by leveraging cold, hard data
  • Free sales to do more selling 

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Your Inbound Journey

(Sample sales stack)


Inbound Lead Gen

Generate endless supplies of leads and job orders through your website

This is where the rubber meets the road in recruitment agency marketing

  • Attract visitors: Blogging, SEO (pillar methodology), Social Media Marketing, PPC ads management 
  • Convert visitors into leads: Calls to Action (CTAs), Landing Pages, Forms, Content Offers
  • Nurture leads, and automate hand-off: Email Marketing, Sales Alerts

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Getting Started with Inbound stats

(sample inbound lead magnet)



Get the most out of your investments with an industry-specialized business mentor and sales coach.

OBJECTIVE: Operationalize Your Investment in Sales and Marketing Tech

  • Develop new habits that maximize leverage of new CRM
  • Adopt best practices for modern, technology-enabled B2B selling
  • Align sales activities with business objectives
  • Operationalize a performance mindset for current and future sales people
  • “Leapfrog” improvements in selling performance

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How to sell staffing services from the top down: be different

Getting started with inbound marketing for staffing agencies

inbound lead generation for staffing agencies

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