Is your Sales & Marketing Plan Grounded in Reality?

Building the proper foundation will save you countless of wasted hours and resources on sales and marketing plans that don't properly communicate to your target buyers. Our Recruitment, Sales, & Marketing Alignment Services help businesses grow by putting you in your customers' shoes, and focusing on the things that really matter.

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How can we help you grow your company?

Alignment is building bridges

Buyers are working hard to inform themselves as they discover solutions to the challenges your company solves. Are you answering the right questions on your website or in your sales pitches? Are you positioning yourself in the environments where they naturally look for solutions?

Our Sales & Marketing Alignment program positions your sales and marketing teams for collaborative success. They help you overlap without overstepping.

But enough talk. Take a look at what an aligned business can accomplish in this live video presentation:


Orange Pegs has exceeded my expectations. They are a strategic business partner with expertise well beyond marketing!They make solving complex business challenges a fun exploration. I would highly recommend Orange Pegs to any organization that is looking to strategically grow their business!
Robin Clokey

Robin Clokey Allied Resources Medical Staffing

Luke is exceptional in his knowledge of the sales process and making connections. Luke's defining talent is his ability to create unity and synergy within a group of people...
Brandi Zamora

Brandi Zamora Sales Executive

(Lucas) is in-tune with the wants and needs of his clients and their potential audiences, and because he is such a great team-player and strategist, the resulting affects are always very positive.  
Xavier Calderon

Xavier Calderon Calder Capital Group


Develop objective, productive rules of engagement and targeting strategies

Our Sales & Marketing Alignment program will help you get there

  • Assign objective quotas to recruiting, sales, & marketing that are measurable and relevant to your over-arching objectives
  • Create accountability standards that allow you to scale with confidence
  • Focus on the activities that actually matter
  • Generate meaningful outcomes
  • Pinpoint trouble spots with clarity and objectivity
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Here are a couple of resources to get the ball rolling:

What does "persona" mean in marketing?

What Personas mean in Marketing



Staffing Agency Growth Strategies

5 Staffing Agency Growth Strategies



Sales enablement strategy guide

Sales Enablement Strategy guide




sales and marketing alignment methodology


Sales and Marketing alignment means you can focus your time and energy on activities you know make a difference

Our business growth solutions are built around cold, hard data. As part of any good Sales Enablement program, sales and marketing alignment will help you grow your business without bloat, misdirection, or gut-based decision-making. Think of your alignment phase as the place where the rubber meets the road. Sales & marketing start working together the way you always felt like they should.

Step 1: Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas are one of the most critical, yet overlooked steps to creating alignment between sales and marketing.  Yet, this is the stage where we're creating parameters that dictate future marketing endeavors as well as sales processes and technology upgrades. If you want your marketing to participate in closing more deals and filling more job orders, start here.

Step 2: MQL & SQL definitions

How well defined are your deal stages? Does marketing have a threshold of qualifications they should hit before passing leads generated through the website to your sales team? Does sales have clear definitions about how to qualify and provide feedback to marketing? During the definitions phase of your alignment program, we'll help you clear up the murkiness and integrate these definitions into your sales pipeline management tools and marketing requirements.

Step 3: Execute a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We tie up our alignment programs by delivering an SLA between sales, recruiting, and marketing. All parties will contribute, and they'll own their individual outcomes. This document will serve as the foundation for all marketing programs, and can be added to your organizational development tools for new hires and regular training.

Step 4: Measure & Update

We'll come back every month to report outcomes. Is marketing generating leads that check all of the boxes dictated by the SLA? Is sales following up timely and in accordance to the cadence requirements of the SLA? Every quarter we'll also measure those outcomes against actual growth objectives, and make adjustments to the plan according to our findings.

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Alignment Worksheet

Buyer persona worksheet download for alignment

Personas are the Cornerstone to Alignment

Download your free persona worksheet here

  • Align Sales & Marketing targets
  • Get an honest view of your target audience
  • Reinforce succession planning
  • Eliminate lost time and misaligned expectations

Bundled Services

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Execution (Configuration)

Measure individual outcomes against a pre-determined set of rules developed through collaboration

  • Identify favorable traits for the perfect lead (persona development)
  • Analyze sales funnel & deal stage exit requirements
  • Develop lead hand-off procedures
  • Identify the game-plan for sales to properly connect with inbound leads
  • Determine follow-up procedures and cadence
  • Execute SLA, measure monthly, and update quarterly based on outcomes compared to over-arching objectives
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Technology Implementation (Automation)

Improve the integrity of your data today, and keep it that way automatically with the implementation of a modern technologies.

  • Automate cumbersome processes like CRM data entry and scheduling
  • Restructure fields and data management in your CRM to align with marketing automation
  • Cleanse your contacts database of distractions
  • Transform your CRM into a powerful sales support tool 
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Sales Enablement in the form of "growth hacking" (Acceleration)

Make informed decisions about resources you provide your sales people, and enable a 5-minute or less sales response time.

  • Develop a library of measurable template resources (emails, sales decks, proposals, etc)
  • Measure outcomes, analyze, and A/B test new ideas
  • Identify & remove trouble-spots in your sales cycle
  • Set the stage for inbound lead generation 

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Align your staffing agency's recruiters, sales, and marketing teams with your growth objectives

  • Fuel your sales & marketing investments
  • Improve your ability to measure outcomes
  • Inform marketing with objectivity
  • Enable you to "growth hack" your sales collateral

This isn't a one-size fits all kind of deal, so, please fill out the form to talk about your vision, goals, and general fit requirements.

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