Are you still letting gut instinct drive your business?

Our Growth Hacking & Sales Optimization services help businesses like yours grow by putting technology in play that streamlines, automates, and objectively informs management and marketing.

Through aligned objectives and cutting edge technologies and methodologies, we streamline your sales process and improve your chances of winning more business at a higher velocity.

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How can we help you grow your company?

What we do

Accelerate your sales outcomes with technology & automation

Are you looking to control the growth of your organization, and want to make decisions based on objective data rather than gut instinct? Our Sales Automation Services will get you there.

Our program helps your sales team close more deals at a faster rate by:

  • Organizing sales opportunities
  • Maximizing technology adoption by your sales teams
  • Automating cumbersome tasks that inhibit all-star performances
  • Cleansing your database of bloat and misleading information
  • Centralizing all of your most important data
  • Forecasting and calculating ROI for all sales & marketing investments
  • Driving sales outcomes rather than manage them


Why Inbound Lead Generation Marketing before Sales Infrastructure is a Mistake

Infrastructure Should Come First

Improve your B2B Sales outcomes with a modern crm

How a Modern CRM will Improve Sales

Sales enablement strategy guide

Sales Enablement Strategy Guide

How we do it

1 - Align Sales & Marketing (learn more)

Develop mutual goals, design the road-map, and create definitions of success


2 - Implement Sales Automation Technology

Embed definitions and structure into your modern sales tools that put selling first

We modernize your sales tools with technology that removes manual bottlenecks and provides a supportive, non-cumbersome environment. We'll help you by formalizing your deal stages, identifying critical data points, and wiring up your pipeline management tools with intuitive data-gathering and elevation techniques.


sales dashboard

(structured sales pipeline example)


3 - Launch a Digital Marketing campaign (learn more)

Attract visitors to your website, generate leads, and feed sales with contextual insights 


4 - Enable Sales: Templates, Tools, Support (learn more)

Provide sales with easily accessible templates, sequences, and processes proven to improve sales performance


5 - Growth Hack (Optimize): Identify, experiment, measure, improve (learn more)

Leverage hard data from sophisticated sales & marketing tools, and improve performance of all things digital over time


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Hubspot CRM Implementation Guide

front cover on book lighter SMALL-1-1

Set Sales up for a SMASHING year!

We created this guide to help you take advantage of Hubspot's awesome power and forward-thinking toolset without losing what has worked for you in the past.

Download today to:

  • Get help choosing the right tier
  • Develop the building blocks required for a smooth launch
  • Update your sales process
  • Troubleshoot your current implementation

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A good inbound marketing campaign includes more elements than can be listed here. Lucas & Orange Pegs have the understanding and experience to manage and succeed with any and all of these components. From strategy ideas to execution, Orange Pegs is one of my "go to" firms.
Daniel Shlifer

Daniel Shlifer Pain Relief Centers

Orange Pegs Media is a firm that I will work with again and again. Their founder is easy to work with, flexible in his approach, reliable to come through in meeting deadlines and calm throughout it all. He has great ideas and is not afraid to try new approaches to bring results.
Janet Jaiswal

Janet Jaiswal MeetingSift & IGeneX

Orange Pegs has exceeded my expectations. They make solving complex business challenges a fun exploration. I would highly recommend Orange Pegs to any organization that is looking to strategically grow their business portfolio through innovative thought & technology leadership!
Robin Clokey

Robin Clokey Allied Resources Medical Staffing

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  • "Growth hack" your sales outcomes

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