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Align your recruiting, sales, and marketing objectives. Automate your sales process. Provide proven tactical support by leveraging hard data. 

How can we help you grow your company?

Enablement is transforming the staffing industry

Hiring managers and HR professionals are working hard to inform themselves as they discover solutions to the challenges your staffing agency solves. Get live sales alerts, automate cumbersome, soul-sucking tasks like data entry, and elevate insights when and where they are needed most.

But enough talk. Take a look at what infrastructure, alignment, and automation can do for your business in this live video presentation:

Why Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is for the Growth-Inclined

Are you looking to control the growth of your organization, and/or instill a sense of predictability in your sales pipeline? Sales Enablement can help you get there ...learn more


Our proprietary sales enablement program helps you:

  • Elevate content and insight to sales and recruiting
  • Align the goals and contributions of recruiting, sales, and marketing
  • Improve the overall performance of sales & marketing collateral
  • Give yourself a truly advantageous competitive advantage

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Here are a couple of resources to get the ball rolling:

What is sales enablement?

What is Sales Enablement?



Improve your B2B Sales outcomes with a modern crm

Modern CRMs Improve Sales Outcomes



Sales enablement strategy guide

Sales Enablement Strategy guide




sales enablement dashboard for staffing services


Sales enablement helps you structure your data, automate cumbersome tasks, and elevate critical insights when and where they are needed most.

Sales is a numbers game. But are you looking at the right numbers? Are you qualifying leads properly, and is your process accurately reflected and up to date in your CRM? Our 4-step process will get everybody on the same page, and support sales with tools we know work.

  • Align Sales & Marketing
  • Implement modern sales technologies
  • Automate data entry and other cumbersome tasks
  • Improve sales collateral by leveraging hard data

Measured, templated, and geared for growth

Our sales enablement program puts the tools your sales and recruitment teams need within arms' reach... or, technically, within fingers' reach. Check out the chart below to see how marketing can improve things like sales emails by using templates we can measure.


enablement dashboard


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Strategy Guide

Sales Enablement Strategy GuideEnable Sales to Do More

This Sales Enablement Strategy Guide was developed to help your teams generate and fill job orders at higher velocities while influencing outcomes from a leadership position.

  • Identify building blocks for a more productive and automated sales cycle
  • Build a measurable growth strategy
  • Generate and fill more job orders
  • Improve performance over time

Bundled Services


Sales & Marketing Alignment (Configuration)

Measure individual outcomes against a pre-determined set of rules developed through collaboration

  • Define structured lead stages
  • Develop lead hand-off procedures
  • Determine sales follow-up procedures and cadence
  • Execute Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Update SLA quarterly based on outcomes compared to over-arching objectives
  • ... call for pricing


Technology Implementation (Automation)

Implement tools that provide sales and marketing with contextual, relevant insights... that automate time-consuming, neglected tasks, such as data entry, scheduling, and pipeline management.. and that create the landscape for aligned outcomes.

  • CRM Implementations - Implement a Modern CRM or modernize your existing one
  • 3rd party app integrations - Build a technology stack that removes friction and opens your eyes
  • Pipeline management - Keep the deals closest to closing top of mind and within arm's reach
  • Automate nurturing while elevating favorable buying signals and suppressing everything else
  • Achieve a 5-minute or less sales response time
  • ... call for pricing


Optimization through Enablement (Acceleration)

Make informed decisions about collateral improvements. This is where Sales Enablement shines!

  • A/B test emails, slide decks, proposals, and more
  • Automate internal communications (sales alerts, etc), sales emails, and more
  • Develop easily accessible templates that improve over time 

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In addition to several clients we landed as a result of Lucas’s sales enablement guidance, insights, and direction, we also landed our first client through inbound marketing.


Stefanie Wichansky PRP Staffing

Luke is exceptional in his knowledge ofthe sales process and making connections. Luke's defining talent ishis ability to create unity and synergy within a group of people, nomatter what their differences may be.
Brandi Zamora

Brandi Zamora Sales Executive

... highly professional, passionate, diligent, and possesses a keen business acumen and rare blend of marketing and sales expertise. 
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Xavier Calderon Calder Capital Group

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