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Orange County, California (Huntington Beach) - Whether we're building a website, a lead gen engine, or sales process, producing video ads, garnering a rabid social following, or deploying a full-stack digital marketing program combined with all of the above...INBOUND is at heart of all things Orange Pegs Media.

We believe that there are three important factors to a GREAT growth program: Methodology (learn more), Delivery Process & Tools, and Talent.


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Certifications, badges, and qualifications:

Orange Pegs Media is a Silver Tier Hubspot PartnerOrange Pegs Media is a Certified Hubspot PartnerOrange Pegs Media is Inbound Marketing CertifiedOrange Pegs Media is Hubspot certifiedOrange Pegs Media is Inbound Sales certifiedOrange Pegs Media is Growth Driven Design certifiedOrange Pegs Media is a Bark Elite Pro


Specifically formulated for your growth:

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Network of Specialists

  • Highly flexible, vetted workforce
  • Industry & challenge-based specialties
  • Our foundation to DMoD

Process Obsessed

  • Centralized, organized communications
  • Fully deployed, custom toolstacks
  • Templates & proven formulas for every occassion

Solution Driven

  • Goal focused assessments
  • Grounded in reality
  • Built around solutions, NOT deliverables

Meet some of our Regulars

Lucas Hamon

Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Orange Pegs Media, Lucas was in b2b business develepment for corporate tax advisory services and staffing services where he spent much of his time antagonizing senior management with his off-the-beaten-path approach to sales. While others were struggling with cold-calling, Lucas found success in creating inbound marketing collateral, and leveraging social media to build his strongest relationships.


His wife, children, Thom York, Grandpa Curphy, and Dale Carnegie

Favorite Pasttimes:

Recording music, watching live music, watching his kids be kids, dipping his toes in the Pacific, and flying his drone

Jason Barbatao

Senior Project Lead

Jason loves project management and growth hacking for staffing agencies, e-commerce, and technology companies. He geeks out on SEO, experimentation, and people & process management.


David Grohl, Peyton Manning, Buster Posey

Favorite Past times:

Anything sports, cooking, being a father of 5 kids

Greg Reid


Greg Reid brings your brand to life with a conversational writing style that connects people with ideas and each other. His content puts your ideal customer at the center of your messaging, and it conveys the value that your brand brings to their life. 


Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee, novelist Richard Ford, & singer-songwriter Tom Russell

Favorite Past times:

Following English soccer, working out, honing my craft.

Jackie Oberholtzer

Marketing Consultant

Jackie has a background in content creation, and has loved helping her staffing and e-commerce clients grow. She loves blogging, social media, and email... and, apparently, acting.


Richard Branson, Rob Dyrdek, Hermoine Granger

Favorite Pasttimes:

Running, teaching pilates, family time, anything Harry Potter

Kendra Ramirez

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Kendra is a John Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award recipient, AMA Marketing Legend, and a finalist for the Social Media Innovator of the Year. Since 2005, she has helped hundreds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, leverage digital technologies. Kendra has spent more than 15 years in technology companies as a change agent in sales, marketing, and recruiting leadership for B2B customers.


My parents and grandparents and all the mentors that I have throughout my life. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

Favorite Past times:

Traveling, being in nature taking a hike, spending time with my family and friends, and mentoring other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jeff Tincher

Adwords Consultant

Jeff is a growth hacker, and his weapon of choice is Adwords, and social media PPC (LinkedIn & Facebook). He also has more than a dozen years in digital marketing, serving a wide array of industries.


The Buckeyes, William Wallace, McLovin

Favorite Pasttimes:

Cooking, tending to his yard, home brewing, and anything DIY

TJ Nevis

Web Developer

TJ has been programming since the days of noisy, dial-up internet. He's proficient in PHP, JavaScript, Angular, AngularJS, CSS/SCSS,  SQL, and MongoDB. He started Nevis Technology in 2013, providing custom website solutions to clients in a variety of industries.


The Internet, and the inventor of sesame bagels

Favorite Pasttimes:

Washing his cars, pondering Earth's greatest mysteries, being a cat dad

What can Orange Pegs Media do for you?

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I was a skeptical optimist about inbound marketing... However, when our first lead came through Hubspot and then turned into a client, I became a true believer! I am very thankful for all they have done to date to support my business growth!


Stefanie Wichansky CEO - PRP

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PRP CEO, Stefanie Wichansky

Mochi Barley transparent background and white space in lettering cropped no padding.png

If you're looking for inbound marketers who think outside of the box and put your revenue goals first, look no further!


Tomohiro Matano Mochi Barley

[fa icon="quote-right"]
Mochi Barley CEO, Tomo Matano


I highly recommend Orange Pegs Media for anything in relation to marketing, professional writing, and overall strategy. The company is quite versatile, and will apply supreme diligence regardless of their assigned tasks!


Xavier Calderon Calderon Capital Group

[fa icon="quote-right"]
Calderon CEO

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Luke is exceptional in his knowledge of the sales process and making connections. Luke's defining talent is to create unity and synergy within a group of people no matter what their differences may be.


Brandi Zamora Sales Executive

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Brandi Zamora
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We operate 100% out of the United States, because we believe that the best marketing for US-based companies comes from people who actually live here. We've fought the same battles as you in the same environments as you, and experienced many of the same outcomes. We are sales people, strategists, marketers, artists, creators, and restless entrepreneurs - and we're lined up and ready to help you achieve your next-level sales goals.

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