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Welcome to the Orange Pegs Media resource center. In here, you will find a variety of tools and resources designed for helping staffing agencies grow. Take a look around, and feel free to download anything at your leisure. We may try to connect with you if seem to raise your hand. We may let you come to us.


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~ Getting Started ~

Get started with your staffing agency's inbound marketing program today!

Getting Started with Inbound Marketing: What you need to know


This is what an inbound lead looks like

What an Inbound Lead Looks Like: See why your sales teams want inbound leads


Introductory Guide to Growth Planning

Introductory Guide to Growth Planning: See what successful businesses care about



Want to learn more about inbound marketing? 

Click: Inbound Marketing Consultation


~ Strategy Guides ~

Inbound marketing works GREAT for staffing agencies - get the free playbook!

Inbound Lead Gen Playbook

Download this industry-specialized guide to inbound marketing. Learn how to attract visitors to your website, convert qualified traffic into leads, and nurture your best customers.


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Sales Enablement Strategy Guide for Staffing Agencies

Sales Enablement Strategy

Download this industry-specialized strategy guide for Sales Enablement. Learn how to empower sales for high velocity, predictable performances across all verticals, all year long.


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~ Marketing Tools ~

Template marketing plan outline

Digital Marketing Plan Outline: Organize your marketing with this template


Click here to download our ultimate web design guide and planner with GDD flair!

The Ultimate Web Design Guide & Planner: Instructions & workbook 


Build Your Growth Plan

The DIY Growth Plan Builder: Build a custom actionable plan on your own



~ Calculators ~

Marketing ROI Calculator

Marketing ROI CalculatorDetermine your milestone-based marketing goals


Website Price Calculator

Website Price Calculator: Enter your ideas - we'll send you a quote... no strings


Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis: Enter your competitors, and we'll tell you how they stack up



~ Case Studies & Proof of Concept ~

Inbound marketing case study free for you to download - come see how this professional services start-up used inbound to take off!

2016 Case Study: See how 2 years of inbound changed everything for this consulting firm


2015 Inbound Marketing Case Study

2015 Case Study: See how inbound impacted this start-up in less than 6 months!


Download these 10 charts that prove the impact of the inbound marketing methodology

Independent Research: 10 Amazing charts reveal the impact of inbound marketing



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