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What should optimization actually do for my website?

When we think of "SEO" the first thing to come to mind is sales.

We do more than generate pretty-looking reports.  We help businesses growLearn more...

Gain Rank Favor

Satisfy Google and people

Online success takes more than a focus on search engine rankings. It requires attending to the needs of your visitors.

We can attract your ideal customers by creating an online presence your bottom line will love.

  • Keyword development and integration
  • Core and pillar content strategy
  • User experience optimization

Lead Sales Generation

Turn traffic reports into sales reports

Traffic reports are great, but sales reports are better. With our integrated SEO services, we're helping you put that traffic to good use.

With our program, you'll see:

  • Improved lead quality
  • New conversion opportunities
  • The emmergence of a powerful new sales tool

SEO with an inbound mindset


Incorporate the inbound methodology into your SEO strategy for the best results 


There's more to Search Engine Optimization than initial attraction

If you're evaluating different marketing strategies for your business, you're no doubt experimenting with SEO. It's the cornerstone to any website-based marketing program. This even includes Adwords and other PPC platforms. 

So, ranking for keywords is only part of the equation. Google and other platforms are becoming very good at measuring user experience as well. They want to see certain behaviors taking place, such as clicking and exploring once they arrive. This is why it doesn't matter whether you're earning rank through sweat or by paying for clicks. SEO counts. 

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We're unlike SEO companies that speak only about traffic

Unlike other marketing companies specializing in SEO, we'll help you with attraction AND visitor experience. This will make your results something to build upon. Just ask, and we'll include a longer-term program that measures results, and helps us make data-driven decisions. We can either lead SEO efforts, take the back seat and let you drive, or fit in any other way you need. 




Get started on the right foot

The SEO strategy we develop for you will have both immediate and long term implications. We'll get all the right keywords in place, but we'll also keep focus on the human experience.  This will lead to attracting the right visitors.

  • Web design
  • Keyword research
  • SEO campaigns

After all, you won't ever catch search engines paying for your services. Only people.


Show me how!

Continuous Improvement

Turn visitors into customers

The BEST SEO plans do more than optimize. They include long-term growth plans that include tactics like like blogging, social media, and general website optimization. It's a practical approach to SEO, which puts your users' experiences first.

  • Link building
  • Comprehensive online marketing
  • Improve conversion rates

Breath life into your marketing campaigns with an SEO agency that gets it!


Let's talk!

SEO designed for humans

Attracting customers to your website like a magnet
SEO Pricing: 

Orange Pegs Media offers retainer-based packages starting at $1,500/month. SEO is available as a stand-alone or turn-key service.

Strategy Services Offered:
  • Big picture
  • Keyword research (using more than Google Analytics!)
  • Link-building
  • Content marketing 
  • On-page & user experience
Continuous Improvement Services Offered:


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Do you know what SEO stands for? But do you REALLY know? A lot has changed, and Google has spoken. Are you listening? Are you aware of the implications your blogging strategy has on your ability to build credibility through SEO? Yeah, it's huge. What kind of SEO services can I get at an affordable rate? What's considered "affordable," anyway?



At Orange Pegs Media

our SEO efforts are focused on helping visitors find what they're looking for. We measure success by lead and customer acquisitions, not by impressions or volume of traffic.

Our search engine optimization services start with content that educates your clients. providing inroads into understanding the problems you solve.

Our SEO packages will help you:
  • Attract relevant visitors to your website
  • Uncover long-tail keyword opportunities
  • Rank for important phrases
  • Turn search queries into sales of your products and services
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