SEO is Changing - Are you? (COMING SOON)

SEO should lead to revenue

Are you trying to attract more visitors to your website, so you can convert more leads and customers? Are you finding that your keyword-led strategy is no longer having the impact it used to?

You're not alone.

The game is changing, and we're no longer confident in the SEO playbook that was once published here. It focuses too much on keywords, which was the way of the land for the last 10 years. Keywords beat out link farms and directories, and all of the other black magic that once reigned supreme.

Now, Google is saying, "uh huh..." "no more, no way, no how." It's all about that experience, that experience, not keywords! (sorry for abusing your song, Meghan Trainor!)

An overly-simplified history:

  • V 1: Backlinks - It's what put Google on the map... and it's also what led to those awful link farms
  • V 2: Keywords + Backlinks - Google knew what was on your site based on the words you used
  • V 3.0:  Experience + other stuff - THIS is what SEO is today

In Process...

The SEO playbook 3.0 is still in the works. But you can be certain that it will include all sorts of goodies related to the kinds of experiences Google wants to see going forward. It's going to include "pillar content" strategy and ways for monetizing that precious traffic once it arrives.

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