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A Prioritization Framework for Marketing

Course and Lesson by Orange Pegs Academy


Part 10 (of 11)

Set Targets and Timelines that Affectuate Growth

Establishing the right goals and expectations is not only vital for success but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining high morale and enhancing the quality of decision-making. In environments where programs are grounded in scientific methodology, defining what is "proper" becomes even more crucial. This is because scientific endeavors demand precision, replicability, and a clear understanding of objectives to drive meaningful progress.

This lesson is designed to help you learn how to set goals and timelines that are not only ambitious but also balanced with reality and grounded in the context of your program. 

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This 10th installment (of 11) of the Experimental Marketing Strategy course & certification was designed to help business leaders and practitioners of Growth understand how to set clear goals so you always know where you're going. You're more likely to get there if you know where you're going. In this lesson, you'll learn about:

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