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Social Media Marketing Services

Turn your social following into sales

How is social media impacting your business?

When we think of "social media marketing," the first thing to come to mind is sales.

As an experienced Social Media Marketing Agency, Orange Pegs applies best practices that are customized to your unique business and backed by living, articulate, and very social marketers. But we're not just going help you get a bunch of likes and followers; we're going to help you generate SALES.

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How Social Media fits with inbound


How social media marketing fits within the inbound marketing methodology umbrella

Social media marketing is a great way to increase engaged traffic to your website!




TRULY social, social media marketing

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Social media marketing services that attract, engage, and close visitors

Social Media Marketing Pricing: 

Orange Pegs Media offers retainer-based packages starting at $1,500/month. Our plans are priced to fit your budget AND your sales objectives!

  • SEO strategy & integration
  • Social media strategy, profile development & maintenance
  • Online monitoring
  • Increase organic followers AND engagement
  • 3rd party content curating
  • Converting clicks into customers


Twitter ~ Facebook Google+ ~ LinkedIn ~ and more!


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Are you considering content marketing services? What about social content? Social media management fails you need to stop doing TODAY Do you know which social media services are right for your business? Let's explore them and discuss the outcomes you should expect. Do you know what a social media agency can do for your business? I mean.. .more than just get followers and likes. What VALUE can you drive from a social media agency?



Turn social klout into sales

Learn how we can help you:
  • Develop an organic, engaged following
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Promote sales & marketing materials
  • Connect with prospects without imposing
  • Generate qualifed leads
  • Enable followers to become your biggest promoters

This is an exploratory call - meant to help you find answers to problems your business is experiencing, and to see if our pricing model fits your budget.

Social media is a powerful platform for sales and marketing, and the methodology we apply is straight from the inbound text published and certified by Hubspot.

Let's see how social media management with Orange Pegs Media can turn likes, follows, and shares into tangible revenue!

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