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How is social media impacting your business?

When we think of "social media" the first thing to come to mind is sales.

(Are you in sales? Check out our open social selling forum for sales professionals!) 

Best Practices

Orange Pegs Media applies widely-accepted best practices that are customized to your unique business. And we incorporate new ideas and concepts as we go.

Social media is a great platform for experimentation, but there are some things that never go out of style:

  • Deploying the proper social channels
  • Integrating with a lead generation program
  • Getting truly social

Based in the US

We back you with very social marketers based out of the US... We make your business feel less like a brand, and more like an experience.

We believe it's important that your social presence is keen on US business culture. Areas where it matters:

  • Personal profile management
  • Community management
  • One-on-one lead prospecting

How Social Media fits with inbound


How social media marketing fits within the inbound marketing methodology umbrella


Increase engaged traffic to your website!


If you're evaluating different marketing strategies for your business, you're no doubt toying around with a social media. However, does any of it make sense for your business? How does it fit into the rest of your marketing & sales planning? Which social media platform(s) do you even start with? Whether you're just getting started on your planning or are 6-months deep in executing existing marketing campaigns, we can help. 



& built for sales

Social media marketing strategy is SO much more than garnering likes and followers.

If you're a business, it's about sales. If you're a customer, it's about being a human... and interesting... and thoughtful

With Orange Pegs' social marketing programs:

  • You're real
  • You're interesting
  • And you make $


& designed to succeed

Targeting the right audience through great messaging is only the beginning. Your social strategy will be customized to fit your challenges and goals. 

This is about making money using a formula.

Leverage social media the way it was intended to:

  • Target the right audience
  • Generate sincere interest
  • Turn likes, clicks, and follows into $




TRULY social marketing

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Social media marketing services that attract, engage, and close visitors

Social Media Marketing Pricing: 

Orange Pegs Media offers retainer-based packages starting at $1,500/month. We offer modular and full service plans.

  • Social media strategy development
  • Management of personal social networks
  • Community management
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Target audience development (personas)
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook ad management
  • Monitoring of social media channels
  • Brand awareness
  • Content curating (like sharing blog posts)


Twitter ~ Facebook Google+ ~ LinkedIn ~ and more!


More resources on social media

Are you considering content marketing services? What about social content? Social media management fails you need to stop doing TODAY Do you know which social media services are right for your business? Let's explore them and discuss the outcomes you should expect. Do you know what a social media agency can do for your business? I mean.. .more than just get followers and likes. What VALUE can you drive from a social media agency?



Turn social klout into sales

Social Media Management to:
  • Develop an organic, engaged following
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Promote sales & marketing materials
  • Connect with prospects without imposing
  • Generate qualifed leads
  • Enable followers to become your biggest promoters

This is an exploratory call. We'll review the problems your business is experiencing and your goals.

If a social media marketing agency is the answer, we'll know it after this call!

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