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When we started this forum, we were originally thinking about it as a resource for clients who were working with leads generated by our inbound marketing efforts. 

But then we realized how many of you wanted in on this, so we opened it up to the public.

And what kind of resource on social media would this be if it weren't social? So, now it is! Enjoy, and welcome to the conversation!


Our Forum Commitment - sharing ideas to...

  • increase social media audience & engagement
  • generate leads & create evangelists
  • close more deals


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Salespeople who regularly share content are 45% more likely to surpass goals/quotas

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This forum is about sharing and caring and winning. Orange Pegs Media is an inbound marketing agency, and we're using the platform for our own internal conversations about social strategy. They're quite good, and there is a lot of great insight for sales people looking to warm up their process.

We are not here to sell you anything, and therefore, we won't be advertising our services. If you're interested in contributing to our online toolkit (and earning a link or two to your website), email



  • Be courteous and helpful - no personal attacks or vulgar, upsetting language - we don't want to get all parent-y on the situation
  • Absolutely NO selling services - this is an IDEA forum, not a place for spamming
  • Push the boundaries of conventional social selling and have fun!


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