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(Orange Pegs' VP of Growth) "Jason has put together a program at IBM that is driving real adoption of growth hacking that is generating measurable results. IBM is further ahead with adopting growth hacking than any other enterprise that I’m aware of and I’ve looked pretty hard to find the prototype that all other enterprises will follow."

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis Founder & CEO @ GrowthHackers, Inc


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We help Software Companies Launch, Scale, and Sell

Deploy a growth program that addresses and optimizes the entire end-to-end user journey





  • Improve user experience
  • Find bugs in your programming
  • Improve product & service offerings
  • Increase consumption
  • Improve feedback channels
  • Achieve targeted behavior
  • Generate inbound leads
  • Automate processes & transactions
  • Improve close & retention rates


There are two ways ways we approach growth:

Version 1 (most common): 1st-timers and those returning from growth sebbaticals
  • Strategy: Workshop and prioritize those ideas you've been dying to try
  • Infrastructure: Implement technolgy & process infrastructure
  • Content: Create actionable content that generates precise responses
  • Experimentation: Experiment & ideate with agility--scale your best ideas quickly
Version 2: Repeat growth investors
  • Diagnostics: Review all available data streams, and weigh against your North Star metric
  • Infrastructure: Implement missing pieces of your execution and analysis tech stack
  • Experimentation: Experiment & ideate with agility--scale your best ideas quickly

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Build My Plan

This tool makes growth planning easier to conceptualize and execute

It's contextual, and leverages our industry-leading methodology ... and it's actually very simple. 

Fill out a handful of forms, and when you get to the end, we'll display our analysis' along with steps you can take today based on your answers. We used Hubspot's "Smart" modules feature, which displays different information based on a variety of parameters we assign.

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Let's start with introductions ...


Strategy & Diagnostics

Software growth Strategy

Develop contextual strategy while building a data-narrative

We'll systematically collaborate and sythnesize your best ideas into sprints

Our Strategy & Diagnostics service provides two growth-critical outcomes: A quality data-stream & a qualified growth program that embraces your mission, vision, and voice, with all roads leading to the single most important objective sitting in front of you... whether that's trial sign-ups paid customer conversions, software consumption, exponential growth, or something entirely unique to your business...

It's contextual. It's objective. It's agile AF.

  • Growth Workshop (if applicable)
  • Initial testing and benchmarking
  • Data, keyword, and qualitative analysis
  • Delivery planning

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Growth infrastructure for software companies

Create the perfect sandbox for experimentation & ideation

Your vision, our framework, industry-leading tech

Our Growth Infrastructure Solutions provide the necessary foundation for your sales and marketing investments to thrive. Fill the gaps unique to your business, while simultaneously leaning into proven templates and delivery sequences to fast-track your progress. We'll help you design your stack, implement it, and keep it running and relevant.

  • Growth
  • Marketing 
  • Sales
  • Applicant tracking
  • Everything in between

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agile content services for software companies

Create actionable content that drives tangible growth outcomes

Your software's narrative of how it can help is central to growth--for many reasons

Content has the potential to attract visitors and lead them to meaningful answers & actions--including those that involve purchasing your software. When strategically placed and promoted, it engages them to your brand, and activates conversions through lead generation mechanisms.

Content built for growth also gives us a playground for agile experimentation and iteration... where we can inform future decisions with clarity and objectivity.

  • Your app
  • Social media
  • Blog posts and news articles
  • Content offers (lead magnets)
  • Website and landing pages
  • Online assets
  • PPC and other ads
  • Sales decks, flyers, and emails
  • Webinars, podcasts, videos...
  • ... anything involving pictures and words in support of your mission to grow

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Experimentation (Growth Hacking)

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Grow your business through experimentation and agility

Double down on your best ideas; put the bad ones to bed; identify and act on interesting patterns

Our industry-leading growth hacking program explores and enhances the entire end-to-end journey including discovery, acquisition, conversion, adoption, and retention. All areas and phases of the typical product/marketing funnel can be tested, and therefore, are on the table when growth hacking your software company.

  • Product & business expansions & launches
  • Product Market Fit (PMF) testing
  • Business pivots & market exploration
  • Rapid scaling


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Get Started

Take your startup to the next level

If you're trying to scale your startup, speak to one of our growth consultants. On the call we'll define your goals and challenges, determine culture and Product Market Fit, and assess your growth readiness.

The consultation is free, and we're excited to learn more about your great company!

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