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Strategy Course - Lesson Showcase

By Orange Pegs Academy


Part 1 (of 11)

Learn why and how it works

The Experimental Marketing Model is a structured method of Growth Marketing that includes everything from cultural mindset to the structures of weekly workflows. We created an entire lesson to help those investing in Growth understand how the pieces of your business must come together to achieve the results you're looking for.

Growth marketing is big, formulaic, and balances vision with scientific methodology. This template is the first step toward the successful implementation of your Growth framework.

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This introductory lesson (part 1 of 11),  was designed to help investors, leaders, and practitioners of Growth understand the purpose and framework of "Experimental Marketing." The video and accompanying collateral will help you understand:

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Experimental Marketing Strategy

In this introductory preview of our Experimental Marketing Strategy certification, you will have full access to our top three lessons (overview + 2 business alignment lessons):

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