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Are you trying to figure out how much your next website redesign is going to cost?


What is your website actually doing for you?

... and are you ready for it to do more?

We know how painful website redesigns can be  (Learn more), and it starts right out of the gate. Many come into the planning phase with exact ideas of what they want and how to execute and are just looking to compare costs, while others walk in feeling lost and overwhelmed by all of the different options, pitches, price points, and functionality.

If those or anything apply to you, then this website price calculator is sure to help. Want to learn more about building a website that (L)earns as you grow? Click here, here, and/or HERE!


Factors impacting your website price calculation



Website Type

Pricing can vary significantly depending on its intended use.

  • An e-commerce site will require payment solutions and a variety of different ways of accessing product
  • A staffing agency's website will likely require local presence depending on how it's setup
  • SaaS may require payment processing as well as a portal to the functional program itself
  • Both SaaS and software will do well with videos and live demos
  • Professional services will find value with custom portals for their clients to manage their accounts or receive secure communications and documents

All of these factors will impact the cost of the site, but a lot of the more intricate details may take time to surface through an exploratory consultation. For that reason, the calculator will help us generate a range vs exact cost.

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Templates vs Building from Scratch

One of the best ways to get your site up and running in no time and on budget is by utilizing the ever-expansive collection of amazing templates available on most website host platforms. Using WordPress or Hubspot? No problem! Grab one of their templates, and customize it to fit your goals and business-type.

This isn't for everybody though, particularly for bigger sites with intricate integrations. But templates are a lot more customizable than ever, and there are TONS of really great options out there. With the right development team, nobody will ever know it was built off of a plug-and-play template.

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Methodology: GDD vs Traditional

If you're looking for a website that learns and grows with your business, you might want to consider Growth Driven Design (GDD). Instead of massive and costly overhauls every 3 to 5+ years, many businesses are opting for this "launch-quick," and "improve-over-time" approach. (what is Growth Driven Design?)

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US-Based Talent vs Offshore Talent

This is an important decision, because there are three very important distinctions between US-based talent and those located in another country.

  1. Offshore is cheaper. You will literally pay pennies on the dollar if you engage with a firm based out of India
  2. US-based talent knows what it's like working for and selling to other US-based businesses... in the US
  3. US-talent is easier to track down and manage... and communicate with

Your website is the single most important long-term sales investment you'll ever make, and it's the only member of your team that can't quit on you. Weigh the costs and risks before making this ever-critical decision. Worst case scenarios are much worse when you outsource this to another country, particularly if you have no physical or legal presence in those areas.

Some people don't see the importance of this, because their websites never generated business on their own in the past, so why pay American wages when the results are going to be the same? Maybe, just maybe, this is part of the problem!

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Agency vs freelancers vs full-time employees

Agencies are going to be the most expensive and freelancers the cheapest overall, and each have compelling reasons to go in their direction. It all depends on your existing resources, overall goals, and, of course, budget.


  • Goal focused as opposed to "feature" focused
  • Hive mentality
  • Diverse skills (design, development, graphics, copy, video, programming, research, etc)
  • Limited participation required from your teams
  • Talent that lives and breathes websites for similar industries
  • Access and exposure to continuously improving tools and resources
  • Able to bring in additional resources when needed, without your involvement
  • Quickest launch
  • More eyes to ensure fewer errors
  • Zero training
  • They come with a delivery system


  • They live and breathe nothing but what YOU assign to them
  • You control the talent
  • Typically cheaper than an agency
  • You can terminate without contractual obligations (this is not legal advice - always consult somebody qualified for that)


  • More expensive per hour than FT employees, but you only use them when you need them
  • Easier and cheaper to remove than both agencies and full-time employees
  • Can be less reliable because of other commitments, but easier to replace if you have a good farming source like

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Other marketing interests

Your website can do a lot more than just look pretty and serve as a backstop to your sales teams efforts. With inbound marketing, which consists of blogging, social media, email, and more, you'll generate a predictable flow of leads that transitions seamlessly into your sales process. 

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