Growth marketing comes from experimental ideation

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Growth Services Overview

You bring the next great idea...

Our growth marketing experts will drive collaboration and an agile model that gets results

  • Scale rapidly 
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Remove sales bottlenecks
  • Launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Test Product Market Fit (PMF)
  • Reach specific revenue goals


Our growth program provides industry-leading expertise, and a system of delivery that is both structured and agile, and incorporates your resources and contributions effectively and intuitively.  (Speak to a growth consultant)


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Bring your vision to life through collaboration, data, & process

... and execute your growth marketing tactics with strategic precision



Your best ideas need nurturing and an actionable plan, and we will help you do both through 2 x 4-hour workshops with growth industry titan, Jason Barbato, and his team of growth strategists and hackers.


We're going to formulate a series of hypothesis' based on existing datapoints and those we set up for you. The analytics tools we use will vary based on the medium, but most website-based growth programs involve Google Analytics and Search Console at minimum.


Scientific, experimental growth is only possible when we have benchmarks to serve as a control group. Based on the results from our workshop, we're going to turn on ads designed to provide clarity, and validate early hypothesis'.


Our growth experts will consume your online  or app experience as your users, document every step, and use it to qualify hypothesis' derived through our collaborations and review of different data points, including those we set up for you.


Successful growth planning starts with great ideas, but it's ALL in the execution. Having the proper instrumentation is critical to generating repeatable, scalable outcomes, and we'll help you build a stack that is comprehensive and transformational.


We'll project manage in open daylight and customize your program based on your existing resources and critical timing requirements. By the end of the Strategy & Benchmarking phase you'll have a strategic plan AND a tactical delivery schedule.


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Automate sales activities, and gather data that informs marketing

Infrastructure helps reduce errors, delays, and let's face it... excuses


By implementing a modern CRM, and engineering it to fit the demands and culture of your business, we are able to elevate engaged opportunities in real time, while providing incredible insights that help your sales teams close more deals faster.

  • CRM Implementations - Implement a Modern CRM or modernize your existing one
  • 3rd party app integrations - Build a technology stack that removes friction and opens your eyes
  • Pipeline automation - Keep the deals closest to closing top of mind and within arm's reach
  • Automated data entry - Ensure the most valuable data makes it into the system

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Start your Strategic Planning

with this growth marketers toolkit

Whether you're in the planning phase, or knee-deep in execution, our Growth markters toolkit will help you gain clarity about the best path forward for your company. It was built off of real-life experiences, and mirrors our method for delivering growth programs to our clients

By filling out the form, we'll take you through a discovery process, so you can identify and articulate  your goals and challenges while exploring today's disruptive methods for growth.

This planner toolkit will enable you to:

  • Build and execute a program with your existing resources
  • Provide high-level direction to contracted resources 
  • ... OR ... hire an appropriate 3rd party resource to handle it for you



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Generate a predictable flow of sales opportunities

Your growth marketing experiments are rooted in content



Your website can be (and should be) an active participant in your sales process by generating your hottest leads, engaging your visitors to help them understand how your business can help them, and providing critical insights that help you improve sales outcomes. To get you there, we'll tweak it, update it, rebuild it, or create it from scratch.

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Your website will become your home field advantage the minute we start publishing content. Visitors will find answers to questions, and they'll be qualified as they are led to lead-conversion mechanisms (gated content, webinars, tools, etc) that provide something of value in exchange for contact information, permission to sell and market to them, and insights to each of their interactions with your brand.

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Inbound leads require an inbound sales process, inbound tools, and an inbound mindset. To ensure you derive maximum value from your growth investments, and to provide the clearest path to success, our Sales Enablement program provides structure, accountability, templates, scripts, and inbound sales leadership.

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Growth Hacking

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Optimize your integrative growth strategy with technology & data

Put data in the driver's seat while executing marketing that tells your story


Are you looking to control the growth of your organization, and want to make decisions based on objective data rather than gut instinct? Our Growth Hacking & Sales Optimization services can help you get there 

Our program helps you:

  • Roll out your MVP
  • Rapidly test and scale 
  • Nudge users to take that next step
  • Improve product / user experience
  • Maximize impact of your sales & growth marketing experiments

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Headcount Management - back office support for Staffing Agencies

"... we implemented a sales and marketing engine that generates our best opportunities, and continues to perform beyond expectations even into the depths of the Covid-19 Pandemic."

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Mark Arrow CEO @ Headcount Management

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"Orange Pegs is a strong ally that has helped the rapid growth of our business; we feel lucky to have them!

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"... the prototype that all other enterprises will follow."

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