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Current Certifications:

  • Delivering Sales Services
  • Software (Hubspot Sales & Marketing)
  • Sales Enablement
  • Inbound Sales
  • Hubspot Partner (Gold tier)
  • Top Digital Agency - Los Angeles
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Delivering Sales Services Certified

Sales Enablement Certified

Hubspot software certified
Inbound Sales Certified Hubspot Certified (gold tier) Top Digital Agency


Sales and Marketing Alignment Services

Sales and marketing alignment will help you grow your business without bloat, misdirection, or gut-based decision-making. Think of your alignment phase as the place where the rubber meets the road. Sales & marketing start working together the way you always felt like they should.

Develop your road map to sales & marketing success:
  • Targeting strategy (personas & profiles)
  • Sales process updates
  • Lead definitions
  • CRM architecture
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Synergy

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Sales Automation & Technology Implementations 

Our Sales Technology solutions are designed to help you grow your business by leveraging cold, hard data while supporting sales with tools that elevate opportunities, and automate everything else. By implementing sales infrastructure first, you'll have the formula necessary to grow your business without bloat, misdirection, or gut-based decision-making. 

  • Reduce your sales response time to 5 minutes or less
  • Remove manual bottlenecks in your sales cycle
  • Formalize and fill in the gaps of your sales process
  • Automate cumbersome tasks such as data entry
  • Free sales to do more selling 

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Sales Enablement & "Growth Hacking"

Our Sales Enablement & Growth Hacking solutions were developed to help businesses that understand the importance of unifying sales & marketing with best practices and indisputable data. By implementing a sales enablement and growth hacking program, you connect your growth investments, and improve performance by leveraging cold, hard data.

  • Provide email templates that are accessible and intuitive
  • Create automated sales sequences
  • Develop and improve sales collateral such as slide decks & presentations
  • Connect individual sales reps with valuable tools
  • Leverage data to improve performance across the board

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Inbound Sales Coaching

OBJECTIVE: Operationalize Your Investment in Technology, Sales, and Digital Marketing

  • Develop new habits that maximize leverage of new CRM
  • Adopt best practices for modern, technology-enabled B2B selling
  • Align sales activities with business objectives
  • Operationalize a performance mindset for current and future sales people
  • “Leapfrog” improvements in selling performance

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We will talk about specific tasks you need performed, or if you're still trying to conceptualize your plan, we'll help you root out your best foot forward... and the next 10 steps after that. We can solve problams in many ways, and we're happy to help you find something that fits.

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