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Maybe you're set on the fundamentals and want to explore all those wild ideas to improve your product or marketing experience that you've kept locked away.

... or, maybe you're seeing interesting patterns and just don't know how to act on them.  

We help innovative companies grow through iterative & experimental marketing, product improvements & adoption,  and sales automation

How can we help you grow your company?


Growth Hacking used to only apply to tech startups--to determine product market fit (PMF)

Now, businesses of all sizes are making Growth Hacking a core business practice


  • Rapid scaling
  • Controlled growth
  • Successful MVP roll-out
  • Minimize Sales Bottlenecking
  • Team Alignment
  • Churn reduction
  • SEO, PPC, Social Media
  • Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages
  • Email / Text / Push notifications
  • In-App
  • CRM / Sales Pipeline
  • Content
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Nurture Messaging
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Product Features / Function
  • Sales Model Experimentation
  • Team Alignment

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Perpetuate Success with a Proven Growth Hacking Process

Using data to take an agile, iterative approach to marketing and product experimentation...

Implementing a sound growth hacking strategy has become foundational – and profitable – for small and large businesses just like yours. 

The growth hacking methodology is intended to explore and enhance the entire end-to-end journey including discovery, acquisition, conversion, adoption, and retention. All areas and phases of the typical product/marketing funnel can be tested. Here's what our growth hacking strategy is all about:

Data First

None of these growth hacks are possible without a solid data foundation. Before we engage with you around experimentation, our growth analysts and data scientists will ensure the right data sources are in place to provide 360-degree, objective analyses that drive actionable insight. 

Stacking Up

Growth hacking yields maximum return when actionable data is combined with smart, flexible technology. We will evaluate your current marketing and product stack to fill in the gaps and expand your capabilities with value-add integrations, tools, and technologies.

Growth Alignment

The growth machine works best when its highly cross-functional within an organization and supported at the highest levels. It requires agility and reality in the sense that experiments don't always work. We'll help you organize, strategize, hypothesize, and celebrate the learnings – good or bad. 


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What Sean Ellis is Saying


"Jason Barbato (VP of Orange Pegs) has put together a program at IBM that is driving real adoption of growth hacking that is generating measurable results. IBM is further ahead with adopting growth hacking than any other enterprise that I’m aware of and I’ve looked pretty hard to find the prototype that all other enterprises will follow."

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis Founder,

Growth Hacking Services

Growth Hacking Services from Orange Pegs: 

Orange Pegs offers standard and custom offerings to enable the growth approach and growth hacking execution for your brand or business. Please contact us to learn more about pricing and options. 


As our VP of Growth, Jason Barbato will say, "if there's data, we can growth hack it"


No matter how big or small, we can help you build a growth program that fits your budget, aptitude, and appetite. 

  • Launch & own or...
  • Collaborate & lead or...
  • Mentor & enable
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"Through the fundamentals and also a data-driven, experimental approach we are always learning and pivoting, and it has led to tremendous gains ..."
Kristin DiProsa

Kristin DiProsa Cognivue

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Our turn-key and strategic growth hacking services are designed for tech startups looking to rapidly scale and established businesses aiming to improve their trending.

Growth hacking is not a one-size fits all solution. It requires the proper tools, product/service, and most importantly, mindset. This call will help you see whether it's right for your company.

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