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What can content marketing do for me?


Orange Pegs Media provides businesses like yours with integrated copywriting and content marketing services. Simply put, we help you sell your products and services by telling your story and educating prospective customers through your website, emails, blogs, social media, and premium download offers.

Your story, after all, is an important part of the process, and education is key, since people are looking for answers to problems you solve. We'll put together a content marketing program that attracts visitors through your search engine optimized website, engages them with blog posts, and converts them premium content downloads.

Good content comes from good copy... and Orange Pegs Media writes GREAT copy.

As one of our favorite people often says, "without strategy, content is nothing but a bunch of words." - It is a foundational component to the inbound marketing methodology, and with inbound, we don't rely on gimmicks or tricks - just educational content assembled and connected with a bigger picture strategy in mind. Our focus at Orange Pegs Media is to help you achieve sustainable, scalable growth, and a website that works for you 24/7/365.

This is content with purpose, and we're happy to help. Want to learn more about how to generate visitors, leads, and customers through content marketing? Schedule a free consultation today!


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Copywriting for Inbound Marketing:

Digital sales & marketing are driven, first and foremost, by copy that educates. Learn more about the methodology HERE:


The Methodology




Copy that embraces the big picture

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Let the world see your story through your eyes

Content Marketing Pricing: 

Orange Pegs Media offers ala carte packages starting at $500 and retainer programs starting at $2,000/month


~ SEO strategy & integration
~ Blogging strategy & execution
~ Premium content strategy, design, & development
~ Ebooks, white papers, etc
~ Specialty downloads customized for you


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~ Develop content that boosts search rankings

~ Convert leads with gated downloads

~ Warm up cold prospects with education

~ Establish yourself and business as a thought leader

~ Publish copy that works for you 24/7/365


This call is purely exploratory. Let's just call it a good tire-kicking. Our content marketing solutions will give you the tools you need to turn those visitors into your most meaningful and consistent source of lead generation yet.

Let's build some five-star content together!

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