The Inbound Marketing Methodology

See how we do it, why we do it, and how it can impact your company

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The internet has changed the way we make our buying decisions, empowering us to find answers to our problems at the pace we feel comfortable with. We don't need cold callers or ads to tell us what the cause of our pain is, because if we want to know, we'll Google it.

And that's exactly what the inbound marketing methodology is all about - helping people find answers to problems your business solves - then qualifying and converting them into your best leads and customers.

The "inbound marketing" methodology was officially made a thing by Hubspot in 2007. Since then, inbound has become the industry gold standard for B2B and many B2C (see the study by MIT HERE) companies. Why? Because there's a formula to it, and it's predictabile; not to mention, it's results driven. (...learn more)


Here's how the methodology works

Steps 1 - 3




Attract strangers with a website optimized for the search engines, and by blogging and sharing and connecting in social media marketing.



Entice visitors to keep exploring with web pages and blog articles that help them travel through their buyer's journey.

Their goal is to find answers. Your goal is to collect contact information. 

Lead them to your gated content, and offer it in exchange for permission to have their contact information.


Step 3: CLOSE

Nurture leads with custom emails that offer new ways to assist them through their journey to patronage.

Provide more content offers, and create scoring and alert rules, so hot leads are easily identifiable, and the transition from marketing to sales is seamless.

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These are the marketing tactics we use to bring people to your website. It's a chain, and they're all apart of it. We develop your keyword strategy through research, listening to your social channels, and playing with our fancy discovery tools.

We blog using your keywords as the root to our discussion points. And we distribute your posts through social media. Your customers will find you through more channels than they'll even realize when they finally click on your link to get the party started.


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We're interested in more than a few reports that tell us your marketing is working. We're on the hunt for actual leads that have real potential for buying your products or services.

We start by building or updating your website with conversion mechanisms and testing tools, and build into it a narrative that your buyers will understand and connect to. We offer content that engages visitors, and prompts them to hand over their contact information in exchange for something they consider valuable.

And we deliver it all using state-of-the-art technology that allows to touch and feel the real impact of every campaign we publish, so we can learn, adapt, and tweak until our heart's content.


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Just because we're not your sales department, that doesn't mean we can't help them by providing the best, most nurtured leads possible. 

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"We believe that following a tried and true methodology is the answer."

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