The B2B Sales Growth Stack

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First, we built out the Sales Infrastructure

In this video, specifically, this relates to:
  • The tools implemented
  • The personas and rules developed around deal stages
  • Automation (data entry, scheduling, deal creation, notifications, etc)

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Sales enablement services

In the video, specifically, this involved:
  • The templates used in email communications
  • The slide deck you watched has been measured & optimized
  • The automated distribution of inbound leads

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Third, we built the website for sales

In the video, the Website was responsible for:
  • The user experience that compelled them to submit a form
  • The entire look and feel of the website
  • A/B testing for individual pages and blog posts

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Inbound lead generation services

Fourth, we implemented inbound lead gen

In the video, Inbound Lead Generation was responsible for:
  • The blogging
  • The breadcrumbs that lead to gated content
  • Content offers, landing pages, and automated email nurturing

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In the video, alignment was responsible for:
  • The rules that prevented sales & marketing conflict
  • Developing lead quality standards
  • The perfect hand-off point from marketing to sales

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Transparency & automation lead to better data. Better data leads to better decisions about sales & marketing. Better decisions lead to better outcomes.


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