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Our outcome-specific planning including each of the below steps:
Our alignment phase of your growth program is responsible for:
  • The targeting strategy built around buyer personas (what's that?)
  • The lead quality standards and inbound sales architecture
  • Communication & accountability between sales, production, & marketing

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Our sales automation program is responsible for:
  • Your tech stack--Analytics + Execution
  • Automation of data entry, scheduling appointments, and communication
  • Program-informative analytics for A/B optimization & decision-making

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Our Sales Enablement solutions were responsible for
  • The composition of our persona-driven value propositions
  • The scripts and templates used to open doors and close deals
  • Inbound sales coaching from industry experts

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Inbound is responsible for:
  • The action-centered website (and its data-driven evolution)
  • SEO, blog posts, social media, and advertising
  • Lead conversion mechanisms & automated nurturing

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Growth hacking services are responsible for:
  • Collaborative ideation around developing growth experiments
  • Scientific approach to program optimization
  • Improvements in sales, marketing, and product/service composition

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