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To help you get there, we put together a 5-step program that we'll customize to your business, your challenges, your goals, and your resources. It amplifies the value of sales AND marketing investments, because it puts objectivity first. And it's objective, because it puts data first. 

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The Orange Pegs Media Growth Stack

 A 5-Step Solution for Sales Success
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The 5-Step Growth Stack


Step 1 - build your sales infrastructure


Build a Better Foundation for Sales & Marketing

Implement sales infrastructure; gain real sales insights 

If you're thinking about investing in sales or marketing, but aren't sure what your best foot forward is, you might have an issue with your data.

Bad data often leads to bad decisions, and we can improve the quality of yours by automating cumbersome tasks, including data entry.

Typically, your sales foundation involves:
  • CRM Implementation
  • Sales process definition
  • Automated data entry

In other words, we'll help you assemble the pieces to your growth puzzle.

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Step 2 - enable sales to sell more


Enable Sales with Measurable Tools and Objectivity

Equip sales with objectively measurable marketing support

Your sales teams will LOVE this program ... nearly as much as you.

Automating data entry is just the beginning. Sales Enablement is about providing collateral that performs, and elevating important behavioral insights when AND where they are needed most.

Sales Enablement services include:
  • CRM best practices & reporting
  • Measured performance program
  • Data-driven sales process improvements
  • Measurable sales collateral development
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Amplify outcomes, and prevent any more opportunities from slipping through the cracks.

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Refresh Your Website for Sales Advancement

Transform your website to "home field advantage"

There's no reason for your website to serve as a simple brochure to your products or services. It can be an active participant in your sales process, generate your hottest, most engaged leads, and provide critical insights about your target audience.

Utilizing Growth Driven Design methodology:
  • Launch quickly (2 months)
  • Optimize over time through a rigid hierarchy

Growth Driven Design websites look and perform better than existing websites, but they're not perfect at launch. No website ever is. The difference is that we accept this reality, and let cold hard data tell us where improvements should be made...

- not hunches or web developers. 

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Step 4 - Generate inbound leads


Generate Engaged Leads through Inbound

Generate a steady stream of organic, engaged leads

When you've optimized your sales infrastructure and bridged the gap between sales & marketing through enablement, inbound leads are a great way to add predictability to your sales pipelines.

They're more engaged than cold leads, and they're giving your marketing and sales teams permission to contact them. 

Inbound Lead Generation Methodology:
  • Attract: SEO, blogging, social media, PPC ads
  • Convert: Lead magnets, webinars, etc
  • Close: Automated nurturing and sales alerts
  • Delight: Turn your biggest fans into growth advocates

Nothing tells your sales team you love them like a predictable stream of inbound leads.

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Step 5 - align sales & marketing


Align Sales & Marketing Investments with an SLA

Execute an SLA; hold sales & marketing accountable to common goals 

Sales and marketing are shooting for the same things, but often struggle to get on the same page. Why is that?

Often, there is lack of infrastructure, making accountability nearly impossible to assign. But if you have a system in place that makes it easy to objectively measure activities and outcomes between sales and marketing, it's time to execute an SLA.

Alignment services include:
  • MQL and SQL definitions
  • Sales hand-off procedure definition
  • Benchmarks & accountability standards
  • SLA agreement execution
  • SLA & lead quality reporting

Alignment allows you to focus on outcomes, not excuses.

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