What's your Sales & Marketing Plan?

In 2020, effective sales management begins with synergy

Building the proper foundation will save you countless of wasted hours and resources on sales and marketing plans that don't generate and close your ideal prospects and customers.

Aligning sales and marketing is step 1... always

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How can we help you grow your company?


Collaboration, Context, & Accountability

People are working hard to inform themselves of the challenges your company solves ...

Are you answering the right questions on your website or in your sales pitches? Are you putting your company in front of inspired buyers? And, are sales and marketing positioned to work cohesively toward their common goals?

Businesses that invest in digital marketing and updating their traditional sales process often get frustrated by the lack of understanding of their target audience when it comes to hiring outside help. They also often struggle to articulate their vision in a manner that is built around calculated outcomes when relying solely on internal resources.

... and forget about marketing and sales being on the same page when it comes to achieving or missing important sales quotas...

Sales playbook

Our Sales & Marketing Alignment program helps overcome these all-too-common challenges by developing, formalizing, and getting universal buy-in for:
  • Targeting strategy (who, what, and where)
  • Messaging strategy
  • Sales architecture & process
  • Scripts and positioning statements
  • Objective accountability standards
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Check out the "Strategy Template" below to get the ball rolling:


Strategy Template

Personas are the Cornerstone to Alignment

Buyer Persona Worksheet templateDownload your free buyer persona template here

  • Align Sales & Marketing targets
  • Get an honest view of your target audience
  • Reinforce succession planning
  • Eliminate lost time and misaligned expectations




sales and marketing alignment methodology

Sales and Marketing alignment means you can focus your creative and functional energy on activities you know make a difference.   

It's seems more and more like you have to either choose between artistry or results... staying true to your mission or acheiving the kind of growth that gets your business or business unit to the "next level."



This is our method staying true to your story and setting a path for growth:


Step 1: Understand your buyer

Let's get back to the basics. Personas are the cornerstones to creating sales and marketing programs that are engaging & relevant.  We'll helpl you formalize your understanding of your ideal buyer, then fill in the gaps and fix your misconceptions. 

Step 2: Put definition to success

You're about to hire a growth agency to help you achieve your sales goals. Make sure you're on the same page when it comes to defining successful outcomes. But don't stop there ... Communication is a critical factor in avoiding sales and marketing misalignment, and it gives your sales team context quickly when they're reaching out to engaged buyers.

Step 3: Formalize your sales process

How well defined are your deal stages? Does sales have a specific plan to address hot new leads, and how does it differ when those leads are inbound? We'll help you implement inbound best practices in sales through a proven process, follow-up schedule, and predictable touch-cadence.

Step 4: Articulate your value proposition

You help your customers solve certain challenges, and you do so in the face of competition claiming they do the same thing only better. Your value proposition must articulate your vision as a company in a way that helps your customers see themselves... and it must do so in just 2 sentences. We'll help you develop a library of positioniong statements that effectively articulate your value proposition.

Step 5: Execute a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Delivering sales and marketing agreement comes in the form of an agreement where all key contributors commit to their standards of success and their roles in the execution of the growth program.  The agreement (SLA) serve as the foundation for all of your future marketing investments, while providing critical direction to your sales teams.


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