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Orange Pegs Media started as a social media marketing agency, wherein Founder and CEO, Lucas Hamon, scaled a concept he developed while working in b2b and b2c sales over the span of more than a decade.  He recognized early how integral of a role that social profiles would play in our ability to succeed in a more connected world thanks to the world wide web, and he was an early adopter and enthusiast of social selling practices, before such a phrase was ever even coined.

We also know that there are tried and true methodologies, rooted in genuine social interaction that should be applied to every campaign. As an experienced social media agency, Orange Pegs applies best practices that are customized to your unique business and backed by living, articulate, and very social marketers. 

The whole point of social media for business is to incease sales, whether by drawing in audiences and connecting them to your educational content, which lead down the path of hiring you or buying your products to solve their problems, or increasing retention through cross-selling and customer service.

The bottom line: If it's not helping you increase your bottom line, it's not working. But sometimes it's not the social media campaign itself that's the problem, but rather, the degree in which it is incorporated into the bigger-picture sales & marketing strategies. We can help with that too ;)



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How social media marketing fits within the inbound marketing methodology umbrella




Social Media Marketing by Orange Pegs Media is TRULY Social - & Truly Effective

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Social media marketing services that attract, engage, and close visitors

Social Media Marketing Pricing: 

Orange Pegs Media offers retainer-based packages starting at $1,500/month.


~ SEO strategy & integration

~ Social media strategy, profile development & maintenance

~ Online monitoring

~ Focus on increasing organic followers AND engagement

~ 3rd party content curating

~ Real conversations with real results


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Are you considering content marketing services? What about social content? Social media management fails you need to stop doing TODAY Do you know which social media services are right for your business? Let's explore them and discuss the outcomes you should expect. Do you know what a social media agency can do for your business? I mean.. .more than just get followers and likes. What VALUE can you drive from a social media agency?




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Social media is a powerful platform for sales and marketing, and the methodology we apply is straight from the inbound text published and certified by Hubspot.

Let's see how social media management with Orange Pegs Media can turn likes, follows, and shares into tangible revenue.

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