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You might be asking yourself whether it's time to deploy a full-scale inbound marketing program, and maybe you're curious to know how the inbound methodology applies to your business. 

At Orange Pegs Media, we pride ourselves on knowing our clients' industries inside and out, which is why we have a narrow focus of only 6 core industries. Our clients hire us because we bring depth to our bench; we're not regurgitating the same tired ideas as all of your competitors, but rather, bringing our own experiences and first-hand knowledge to the table, and marrying them with you.

Specializing in the following industries:

Orange Pegs Media is YOUR inbound marketing agency.

Industry Specialtizations



Have you ever thought about how your sales process impacts your customers' perceptions of your software solutions? Think about it, if your growth plan relies solely on cold-calling or any form of advertising, then your first foot forward 100% of the time is disruptive.

With inbound, however, your salespeople become true business consultants, because they spend less time selling, pitching, and maneuvering around "gatekeepers," and more time assessing and collaborating with decision-makers.

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How well does your existing growth strategy represent the mission of your SaaS? Does it remove friction from your prospective customer's lives, or is it shamefully disruptive, adding undue stress and pressure?

How would you feel about receiving a cold call from some company you never heard of, pitching you some solution you don't care about?

Do you buy from people like that?

For those of you practicing inbound - we're sure these were easy questions to answer. For those of you still running the pure-offense playbook of cold-calling and disruptive advertising, we have some GREAT news. Click here to learn more:


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Staffing Agencies

Staffing Services

How has your sales process changed over the years? Has it ... actually... changed? Or is hiring seasoned sales professionals with existing "rolodexes" still the game?

Perhaps more cold calling? More "mystery" messages and other generally disruptive, slightly dishonest trickery? Is representative of the way you want your customers to view their relationship with your agency?

With inbound, you turn your website into a client and talent MAGNET. Click here to learn more:


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Professional Consulting

How easy it for people to understand the value of your services in that first call or meeting? Is that because you're still relying on cold-calling as your primary method of business development outside of referrals?

Have you ever heard of inbound marketing?

Inbound pulls your audience to you through educational content, allowing them to learn about you and your services at their own pace, and by their own accord.

As a result, your first person-to-person contact happens when they're ready to hear from you, and when they actually can hear you.

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CPA Firms

How well does your sales and marketing playbook communicate the value of your CPA firm? ... what about in the eyes of your prospective customers?

Are they coming to you, or do you still have to crash networking events and squeeze referrals out of existing clients to bring in new business? What about cold-calling or other disruptive methods of communication, like ads or spam? Are you doing those?

If you are, perhaps we could help you discover something new... Something that draws people in pain to your doorstep, so you can help them fix their problems


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Specialty Tax Firms

How easy it for people to understand the value of your tax services in that first call or meeting? Darn near impossible, right? Are you still following the same playbook of networking events, cold-calling, sponsorships, and other generally intrusive and LOUD forms of outreach?

If you're nodding your head "yes" to any of these, then it might be time to change the playbook.

Inbound marketing pulls your audience to you through educational content, so that by the time they willingly hand over their contact information and give you permission to market to them, they have already overcome your biggest sales hurdles.

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YOUR Business


Inbound marketing has applications for just about every business.

Whether you're in green energy, staffing, accounting, education, architecture, engineering, construction, contracting, aerospace, manufacturing, distribution, legal, restaurant, travel... it does not matter, because having a marketable product or service means you need marketing.

With inbound, we combine all of the right flavors to give you marketing that generates organic, healthy traffic to your website, leading prospective buyers through the sales funnel using education-focused content, narrated by your company

Attract traffic
Generate leads
Nurture and close customers


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