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Our 5-Step Formula starts with transparency, and ends with sales

Being a "growth agency" means that we're dedicated to one thing - growing your business... in a manner that is calculated, controlled, sustainable, and measurable

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Step 1: Foundation

Automate data entry, scheduling, and more, and get a clearer view of sales outcomes

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Step 2: Enablement

Enable sales with tools you KNOW work because you finally have hard data to prove it

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turn our website to a revenue MACHINE
Step 3: Website

Unlock your website's potential as a top contributor to growing your business

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Step 4: Inbound Lead Gen

Generate organic interest and prospects, and reduce your dependency on cold-calling

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Step 5: Alignment

Bring accountability and collaboration between your two growth departments

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Not sure where to start?

That's okay too! Untangling your growth challenges is what we do best!

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Growing a business is hard

Orange Pegs Media is making it a little lot easier


We believe that Google has a point when they say that they want us to "strive for a consistent approach that puts users first."

They made it very clear about what they want to see from internet marketing. They want your site to be useful, easy to navigate, and reputable (see source). Seems easy, but understanding behavior requires effort and process, both of which we're happy to bring to the table. 


I haven't seen a lot about inbound marketing for businesses like mine... do you think Orange Pegs Media has good solutions for SaaS, staffing, financial services, or start-up companies?

What we'll do for you

We're bringing Sales & Marketing closer together than ever through technology, process, and methodology solutions designed to help businesses grow. Results are measurable, objective, and they empower success.

Let us help you hone in on your target audiences through web design, lead generation, and transparent pipeline management. 

Individual Solutions:

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 Orange Pegs Media is Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, Growth Drive Design, Hubspot, and Hubspot Partner certified! How can we help?


Reliable sales & marketing strategies that generate exciting outcomes

Orange Pegs is a digital agency, social media marketing company, lead generation service, content agency, creative agency, SEO service, email marketing solution, and inbound marketing agency... We're sales specialists, coaches, and programmers...

We're all of them, none of them, and everything in between. It depends on what your challenges are.

In the end, we're agents of business growth...


The Different ways we help:

Marketing Website Sales


"I became a true believer!"   

- Stefanie Wichansky, Founder & CEO at PRP

How it all works

There are three main components to what we do.

  1. Generate leads through your website using inbound marketing and PPC ad marketing
  2. Launch and improve amazing websites using data-driven decisions
  3. Develop synergy and strategy between marketing & sales

Inbound is an internet marketing methodology that combines digital marketing tactics that work together to pull your audience to you. Instead of buying contact information, visitors willingly provide it to you in exchange for something valuable. They are then nurtured or passed off to sales.


Your website is the central voice and hub to all things digital. We'll fast-forward your website launch (2 months), and spend the next 6 - 12 months perfecting it. Data drives decisions, and users dictate their experiences.


Our sales solutions fill gaps you didn't know existed. We'll help you identify the holes, create solutions, and work in unison with other contributing departments. Alignment, technology, and enablement...


Build the formula... then refine it... then let the data decide.

How does your company's growth strategy compare?

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Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is a "growth agency?"

Simply put, we help businesses grow.

By focusing on sales, marketing, AND technology, we help businesses identify the real problems they're experiencing.

Most businesses ask us for lead generation first. However, we often find that there are infrastructure challenges that prevent them from understanding where the real problems exist.

Often, great opportunities are slipping through the cracks, and more leads won't help that issue... they could make it worse, actually.

So, as a growth agency, we're not trying to back into cookie cutter programs. Rather, we're building custom programs that address your unique challenges head-on.

Get a growth assessment to learn more!

Grow your software company

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is Growth Driven Design?

Your website is the center of your digital marketing universe, and it should be one of your business' greatest assets.

Growth Driven Design enables your site to attract relevant visitors, provide value, be easy to navigate to answers that your business solves, get "stickier" over time, communicate in a personalized manner, and help turn your visitors into promoters.

It's a completely new way to manage your most important marketing asset with laser focus on generating sales by launching quickly, and constantly fine-tuning until reaching peak performance.

Learn more by visiting our website marketing services page.

GDD Methodology

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is a "digital agency?"

Orange Pegs Media & Inbound Marketing - your best bet for sustainable business growth

As a digital agency, we provide online marketing services using the inbound methodology.

It's a comprehensive approach to business growth centered around your website. We provide digital marketing services that include website development & maintenance, landing pages, content offers, social media, email marketing, blogging, SEO, and more.

But we're not just a digital agency... we're agents of business growth...

Learn more about the methodology HERE:

Inbound Methodology

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is "Orange Pegs" all about?

We're based out of Orange County, California, with 100% of our talent residing in the United States, and we have a history deeply rooted in high-performing sales delivery.

But no, it has nothing to do with where we are based. It's actually a very personal story to our CEO, Lucas Hamon.

We're sure if you ask, he'll tell you ALL about it.


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[fa icon="plus-square"] How much does it cost?

Your business is unique, and so is your pricing structure.

We can help you assemble a high-level strategy at no cost by exploring your goals, assets, and current trajectory. From there, we can provide you a no-obligation cost estimate.

Data needed regarding goals:

What are your goals? Is there a certain dollar amount you're trying to reach in sales growth? Are you looking for help with your website, inbound marketing, or both? Are you looking for sales enablement as well?

Data needed regarding current state:

Do you currently have visitors coming to your website? Are there a lot? Are any of your paying customers finding you through social media, your blog, or Google searches? How are you getting your leads? What are your biggest sales and marketing challenges?

Other key points:
Who are your other contributors (if any)? What other marketing assets are at our disposal? What is your time-line for reaching your goals?

Turn-key inbound marketing programs start at $3,500/month. Growth Driven Design programs start at $3,000/month.

Learn more about pricing by visiting our individual service pages:

Pure inbound | Sales enablement | Copy writing | Social Media | Blogging | SEO | Growth Driven Design (Website) | Email | Hubspot

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[fa icon="plus-square"] How long does it take?

The length of your program will vary based on the pains your company is experiencing. Here are some basic ball-park ranges for launching and realizing your return on investment.


  • CRM Implementations: 2 - 4 weeks
  • Sales Enablement Setup: 2 - 4 weeks (usually runs in parallel to CRM implementation)
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment: 2+/- weeks
  • PPC: 1 - 4 weeks
  • Inbound: 2 months
  • GDD website: 2 months


  • Inbound + PPC:

    • Months 1 - 3 are experimental in nature, but should generate some quality leads along the way

  • Inbound by itself:

    • New or low-volume websites should see an impact within 6 - 12 months
    • Older, higher-volume websites could see results in the first 3 months

Grow your software company

Methodology, Execution, & Talent

The formula that meets your challenges head-on

What we do:  The methodology is inbound, regardless of whether we're deploying a full-scale digital marketing program, website, or sales alignment

How we do it: Our sales & marketing tool stack is constantly evolving, as is our delivery process and modes of communication. You'll never be left in the dark or confused about your programs through Orange Pegs.

Who does it for you: Our teams consist of experienced professionals - folks who have worked in your industry in sales and marketing capacities. You won't be getting any junior level associates leading your project, but rather, seasoned professionals in both methodology and industry. And all members of the Orange Pegs family reside in the United States. 

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Proudly based & serving out of the United States

... from Orange County, California to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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