Inbound Lead Generation for Staffing

Draw customers to you - Control your sales outcomes 

As an Inbound Marketing Agency, We Generate "Organic" Leads

Inbound lead generation changes the game, because it doesn't involve more cold-calling. It actually reduces your dependency on it, and makes you better at tapping into momentum vs having to create it with each and every outbound call.

With inbound, you:

  • Diversify your lead sources
  • Create predictability in your sales pipeline
  • Control the growth of your staffing agency 

How does it work, exactly

First, we attract visitors to your website

The goal of inbound is to attract the kinds of people who could serve as a client or recruit (or both), depending on what you're looking for.

How we do it:

Attract visitors to your website
Convert leads with inbound marketing

Third, we nurture, qualify, & help you close

Inbound elongates your funnel, so you'll get leads who are ready to buy today, and those who need some lovin'. We'll nurture them AND let you know when it's time for contact.

How we do it:

  • Email nurturing (automated or manual)
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales notifications

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Delight customers with inbound lead generation

Empowering Businesses with Sales Predictability

Inbound marketing motivates natural attraction through practice and well-proven ideologies

Inbound Marketing Pricing: 

Orange Pegs Media offers entry-level packages starting at $2,500/month. Programs are typically turn-key, but we can also work outside contributors.

What's Involved

  • Tools implementation
  • Strategy development
  • Tactical execution:
    • Blogging
    • Social media
    • Content offers
    • Email
    • PPC Ad management
  • Sales integration
  • Analytics
  • Growth Hacking

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Add Inbound to Your Growth Plan

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  • Transform your website into your best source for leads
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  • Utilize marketing automation tools
  • Create powerful synergy between sales & marketing

Our turn-key inbound marketing will give you the tools you need to generate Marketing Qualitifed Leads through your website.

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