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by Lucas Hamon on March 3, 2016
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Are you trying to build out buyer personas for your business? Try this!

Get  your marketing started on the right foot!

I LOVE inbound marketing because I am able to help businesses attract people to their great products and services. We do that by developing inbound-friendly websites, putting out premium content offers, blogging, social media marketing, and emails.

And it all starts with building the buyer persona, so my team and I put together a template to help you build yours.

Buyer persona template for your business

Download now!

Top 4 reasons for having buyer personas

Reason 1: Center your strategy

Putting your marketing into action is only half the battle. You need to make sure that your messaging is focused on your perfect buyers. This persona template will help you keep it all cohesive and relevant.

Reason 2: Simplify succession planning

Whether you're growing or dealing with vacations or turnover, it's important to have a marketing plan that doesn't completely stall out in the absence of your marketers. This persona template will help keep the most important information about your buyers at your arm's reach.

Reason 3: Be better at communicating

Cohesive marketing communications equals better connections. Since your content will be written specifically for your buyer personas, knowing all of the little things that make them tick will help you connect with them.

Reason 4: Identify new opportunities

The exercise of building buyer personas will reveal marketing and sales opportunities that you never expected to see.


Like anything else "foundational," the right persona can make or break your outreach strategy. Download this handy template today by Orange Pegs Media, and start your new campaigns on the right foot!


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